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9 July 2010

Wow...has it been a month already?
It feels like just this week I was sharing my 'May' layout.....

So here was our June.....
Lots of time with family..... new babies.... new books..... scrapping days.... work.... teaching the girls to crochet....baking....

(You may have noticed a couple of photos are blanked out..... I made a promise....a pinky promise in fact to Judith .....that if she allowed me to take some photos.....they wouldn't end up on my keeping my word.... mind you....they were lovely photos.....and she looked I couldn't see the problem....hehe)

Here they are side by side.....

Darling little Brooke has a new layout too..... I'm so lucky to have these two never ending sources of inspiration...... their little lives will be well documented.... unlike the earlier years of my own three.


  1. Oh I think Im in love!! Brooke is adorable and so is her layout!! its just so sweet!!

    June looks like it was a lot of fun, Love the patchwork like border!!!

  2. Ooh, I made it into your June! Very honoured LOL :-)

    Have a brilliant trip. Can't wait to see your travel album when you get back.

  3. Mardi, they are just beautiful, and little Brookie is just such a darling!

  4. Ok so confession I blog hopped here from Janelle's blog and WOW!! your layouts are divine!!! Thanks for sharing your talent


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