What a good little Mummy....

8 July 2010

You are such a good Mummy Bella....
Each time you come to visit the very first thing you do is to get your 'baby' and pram .... oh and we cant forget the red handbag.

You will happily push your 'baby' around in the pram all day with the red handbag slung over your shoulder as well.....every now and then you will stop...... give your baby a cuddle.....then pop her back in the pram.
Sometimes you throw a few things in on top of her as well..... luckily your baby doesn't seem to mind....

So on this day you and your baby had stopped near the TV ...something had caught your attention...... you were standing there fixed to the screen for quite some time..... in fact I thought if I laid you down you might nod off to sleep.
Then all of a sudden you were off on a mission..... you were energised....and I could see you were putting a plan into action......you dragged out Brooke's little play mat from the corner.....struggling to get it past the toy basket ..... huffing and puffing to get it all laid out flat and nicely.

You then gently took your 'baby' from the pram and laid her on the mat so she could play with the toys..... just like Brooke does....

Then....with 'baby' all settled.... you resumed your postition in front of the TV....

What a great little Mummy you are Bella...


  1. ohh i love hearing about your little bella. and mardi i am really enjoying your photography. you are inspiring me to read my manual.
    ps i hope you had a lovely birthday lovely lady!

  2. Awwwww too cute Mardi. I love that you have recorded this.

  3. What a great story - one to remind Bella of when she is bigger and has little time for babies ;)

  4. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Very sweet Mardi!!

  5. OMG .... that is so gorgeous!

  6. Oh, that is just the sweetest thing!