Seeing as its my birthday....

2 July 2010

I thought perhaps I could make a little blog post....but I seem to have an empty this is the best I can do....

I had a funny sort of day.....

I had been a little spoilt already..... my family....knowing that I would be working night shift on my birthday decided to surprise me with a birthday dinner the night before. So..... last night..... I arrived home from work to a delicious roast dinner and birthday cake with candles.

I woke this morning and was greeted by happy birthday hugs and kisses as each of the family left for work and school.

Ian surprised me with a new replacement lens for my camera.....I was sooooooo thrilled.... and completely surprised..... he had it sitting wrapped alongside the computer keyboard.....he knows me so well..... of course ...other than the kettle....its the very first place I visit each morning.

I felt kind of special to get some lovely emails and face book obviously hadn't slipped unnoticed in cyber-space.... thats the beauty of those little cyber

I spent the morning at home....avoiding the house chores.... and all the normal mundane jobs....I was my Birthday!.... that makes me special.....and immune from house chores just for today doesn't it?

I had some lovely phone calls and texts from family and friends...

I played with my camera.....and my new lens..... well Id had one of these lenses before....but absence had definitely made my heart grow fonder.

I brewed myself one more coffee than usual.....and ate bread with my lunch....

I photographed chairs.....and played in photo shop....

I finally mastered playing a movie on Brionys had taken me so long to identify and then download the missing program that actually produced the will be much enjoyed on trip which is rapidly approaching.

I had a lovely visit from Alex and the girls.... Brookie at least thought I was special.....even though Bella was far more interested in her 'Pop-peee' as usual...

I spent an hour before work catching up with Mitch , Meg and Briony who were all home early from their day....

I was very proud when Briony produced her school report.... she had done exceptionally well....even after all her struggles with juggling the huge workload this semester.

I then had to wave goodbye and come to work..... reversing out of the driveway sort of marked the end of my birthday this year.

I think we might have a busy night..... its certainly been constant to this point so far....and Ive made about 4 attempts to finish this blog post... so before interruption number 5 or midnight which ever comes first.....Ill leave it at this....

Thanks for popping by..... your wishes....and for reading another years worth of my prattle.


  1. Happy birthday Mardi! Sounds like your family are the best present of all. I hope the year ahead is a wonderful one for you. :-)

  2. Happy Happy happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day! Happy Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Mardi! Hope you had a really lovely day...x

  5. Oh what a lovely day, my special birthday girl! Love to you. xx

  6. Happy Birthday Miss Mardi! Sounds like you had a lovely day with lots of visitors!

  7. Sending you the happiest of happy birthday wishes ... hoping that the year ahead is full of love and laughter and and all that makes you heart full ... happy days ahead Mardi ... Pip

  8. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Sounds lovely!
    I didn't even see your blog when I sent the birthday message - it was in my Outlook calendar!
    Glad you had a great day.

  9. Happy belated Birthday Mardi!!

  10. Anonymous10:39 am

    Happy belated birthday wishes Mardi, wishing all the best for the year ahead.
    Lorraine V