Brooke - 15 weeks

11 August 2010

There was one draw back to holidays....and that was ......that our two gorgeous girls continued to grow and change....and we missed it.
The most change was in this little munchkin.... Brookie Chookie (or 'Cookie' as Bella says)

She is her own little personality more than ever now...... and I sometimes feel like life just moves by far too quickly.... where has our tiny little baby gone?

Here are a few little Brookie facts - from Nans perspective.....
* You are content and chubby little breast fed bubba..... your Mummy certainly has you in a good paddock....Mummy tells me you even have dimples in your knees now...too cute!
* You sleep through the night.....bless you........ but you can be a little tricky throughout the day..... if Mummy misses your 'sleepy signs'.....your sleepiness passes .....and you are wide awake.
* You love your Mummy.... you follow her with your eyes..... and give her the most beautiful smiles.
* You are talkative at times..... lots of goo's and gaa's.....and smiles for us all....
* You love your baths with Bella.
* You are tough already..... you don't mind Bella rocking you (usually way too hard and too fast)or sharing toys ....or poking you in the face as she recites her facial anatomy using you as the model .... in fact you always look excited when Bella approaches.... you love your sister and the loving she bestows on you.
* You have a loud and husky cry .... I'm pretty sure you are a lot louder than Bella.... and definitely more husky....I bet you will have a lovely little voice as you get older.
* You have a fine covering of hair.... very like Bella was at this age.... we wonder if you will have curls or not.
* You have the bluest blue eyes.....Daddy, Mummy and Bella are all you just may be their little blue eyed girl ...
* You are a bit of a sicky baby... and we are all used to mopping up all your little spills.
*You love to lie in the rocker chair at Nans house.....with the same hanging toys as Bella loved when she was small. Bella always favoured Eeyore....and we think you kinda like him best too.
* You are loved and adored and we are all so grateful we have you in our lives....
So thats our Brookie at 15 weeks....


  1. Awww...she's growing up so fast Mardi! What a little sweetie. :)

    Sheree xx

  2. Mardi, she is a real cutie, what beautiful memories for the entire family but especially her as you continue to document her life xx

  3. Oh Mardi - Brooke is just so gorgeous - I loved reading all about her too - beautiful!

  4. She's just darling. I think she looks like Alex.