Finally a stitching share....

26 August 2010

The minute I got Janelles book I realised I was going to be a very busy Mardi
I thought....'Mardi.....write a list'....
Then I thought....'Mardi.....forget the list.... just start at the beginning and work your way through'.....

I want to mention..... that I was so very honoured to be Janelles pattern tester throughout the writing of this book...... I got to read almost all of  the patterns.....and pattern test a great many of them along the way too...  yes....I was a very lucky duck.... and it was an absolute pleasure...

But still when the book arrived I realised just how many more I wanted to make....

So I made a start......
...from the beginning of the book....the very first pattern I tackled was the Peppercorn Lane stitching tote..... initially I was daunted by the stitcheries (I tend to be a fan of quick results) ...I knew they were going to take me more than an afternoon.... so I wasn't going to have this baby stitched by tea time.
I was actually pleasantly they came together much quicker than Id anticipated.....and then it was so simple to construct from there.

Its now...without a most used bag. It is the perfect carry all for my crochet projects.....and the wool feeds through the drawstring top perfectly...

Next I tackled the needle keeper .... I chose to make mine out of a mix of denim and other cheery fabrics.
This housed my needles for.....ohh......about 30 mins.....then Briony spied it.....and asked if she could have it as a wallet. So we un-picked the divisions.....and she has been using it ever since....well except the day her yoghurt exploded in her bag......she did momentarily stop using it then ... just while it went through the wash.

Then my next project was also for Briony.....and she loves heads off to TAFE with her every week...and is the perfect size for her laptop....and folders ect....
Its the Shopping Tote pattern.
I chose to make Brionys out of denim so that its hard wearing and doesn't show the dirt from school.

Next was this gorgeous frilly round cushion..... and yep....I certainly chose some busy fabrics for this one.... it looks super sweet though sitting on a chair in the family room.

and a close up of those gorgeosu little ruffles....

... I still have a few more projects to share...... but need to take some pics of them first....


  1. I love the idea of simply starting at the beginning and working your way through the projects. Can't wait to see what else you've finished up.

  2. oh you're a clever chooky. These all look lovely. I always love seeing your fabric choices/combos!! Great work. KIM

  3. Hi Mardi,
    always enjoy reading your blog - thanks for the inspiration - I have nominated you for a Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details. The requirement is you now name 10 blogs you love and 10 things about you on your blog.

  4. Wow Mardi, they are so pretty! Gorgeous fabrics, they are so happy!

  5. i love all your projects, but your peppercorn lane bag is my absolute fave! how fabulous!!! you may just have sold me on adding this book to my collection.

  6. WOW Mardi! Each and every project looks gorgeous! I love your fabric choices...and your stitching on the Peppercorn Lane tote looks fantastic! I've had my eye on that project too...just need some time to get myself started! LOL

    Sheree xx