Happy 17th baby.....

20 August 2010

I have no idea how its possible.....  but my baby turned 17 today.... can you believe that?...Briony is 17!

As luck would have it it was a student free day.....so she was able to spend the day at home with friends and family.

Unfortunately I was working a night shift tonight.... so couldn't be there this evening....so we modified our plans and had an afternoon tea instead.

Briony was such a spoilty bum..... with some lovely gifts and money to spend.....and  her boyfriend Jarrad surprised her with these gorgeous flowers and a beautiful gift as well.

...and he reluctantly posed for a photo for me......I can be very persuasive you know...

Then it was afternoon tea time.....
(Mum don't laugh....I seriously did) "I had a little baking spree".... Briony had requested a cinnamon tea cake.... let me tell you..... not the easiest idea for a birthday cake..... it grew like an over sized muffin in the tin....and was so hard to get out without demolishing the lovely topping..... I finally did manage and sighed with relief as I popped it on the cooling rack.
Then...... when I uploaded my photos.....I notice some very 'large mice' have been nibbling at the topping.....and there were little pieces missing....lol

I also made some pinwheels, sausage rolls, pikelets and the most DELICIOUS mud chocolate cup cakes....with whipped cream centres.....delish!!

Afternoon tea was over by 3pm......and the kitchen clean by 4pm.....and I rushed out the door to work....
I'm pretty sure it was a 'good birthday' .... what more could she want..... cake....friends....and a day off school.


  1. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me Mardi! What more could a girl want! LOL Happy birthday Briony!

    Sheree xx

  2. Oh yes it does sound perfect..happy birthday Briony...and one very delish birthday cake...

    Jenny x

  3. Hapy Birthday Briony, sounds like a perfect day!!
    The cake looks yum Mardi...glad the big mice liked it...LOL

    Cherie xx

  4. Glad you had a lovely day Briony!!! 17 is a great agexx
    And Mardi...wow congrats on all the baking, thats awesomexx

  5. Happy Birthday Briony! Sounds like a fab birthday to me, I'm glad you were able to celebrate with her before you headed off to work.

  6. Happy 17th Briony, sounds like you had a great day and got spoilt rotten, exactly the way it is supposed to be.
    Well done on that cake Mardi, it looks so yummy

    xx Leanne xx