You Capture - Outside

30 August 2010

Running in at the last minute...... puffing and breathless.... here are my captures.......

I loved these pics..... taken just as the last little bit of afternoon sun fell on their faces.....

Tbanks again Beth for making sure I got my camera outside at least once this week....


  1. Gorgeous shots! Your Briony is so pretty!

  2. Love the afternoon for photos! Beautiful photos Mardi..x

  3. I love pictures during this time of the day when the sun flares and makes everything seem beautiful. Fun shots!

  4. clever you Mardi. Beautiful shots ADORE the b and w one:)

  5. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Your photos are great, Mardi. You have inspired me to take a black and white photo with my camera. First time I have used this setting on my camera.