There are some sounds......

4 September 2010 hope to never hear!
One of them.... is the sound of your camera hitting the tiled floor!

She was only getting it for Nan to put up high...... she knows its out of bounds.... but unfortunately the strap is longer than her arms..... and as she dragged it off the desk.... the actual camera hit  the floor with a bang.
I'm not sure if its survived or seems ok..... but time will tell....


  1. Oh dear....whoopsie!!! HOpe there's no damage Mardi. Just look at that little face...she's such a cutie!

    Sheree xx

  2. Oh NO!! Hope emergency surgery isn't needed! But at least your little helper is ok...and so very cute!!

  3. Oh no...hope the camera is ok!

    Great it after the drop?? She is just gorgeous and her hair is oh so cute!

    Cherie xx

  4. Allie8:56 pm

    Oh bless her being helpful. I hope it is OK Mardi, definitely not something to drop!

  5. I know that sound well Mardi. I dropped my camera on the concrete and smashed the glass lense protector. Awful feeling.