Do they look alike?

15 September 2010

We often find ourselves comparing the girls ..... and although there are some obvious differences.....they really do look quite alike we think.....theres no question really...... they obviously come from the same batch.

Personality wise..... they are very different though....

Bella is as patient and placid as any child could be..... as a baby she rarely cried.....and was always smiling and happy.... I guess she was best described as even tempered. That had its drawbacks though......she was also very reserved when it came to laughter or baby chat..... you had to work very hard to get a response from Bella..... she would continue to smile at you....but rarely would you get a full on belly laugh.

Brookie.. is a whole different personality...... she has zero patience. She can go from smiling and happy to a full blown ear piercing scream in one second. Once Brookie has had enough of something......she has had enough!!.....there are no warnings..... there are no cues......she just breathes in .....and screams!
The upside though is......she's a chatterbox...... she goo's and gaa's fact this child is NEVER quiet. She even purrs in her sleep. She giggles.....full on giggles...... she is emotional....she shows the full range of emotion... (in fact you can see the full range in the space of a minute).....she drops her bottom lip....she cries real tears..... and when she smiles her face nearly bursts its so big.

They are their own little personalities...that's for sure.

(AnnaBella and Brooke aged 5 months)


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  2. righto take two minus all my typos!

    you can definately tell the bubbas are two peas from the same pod but i think bella looks like brent and brooke looks like alex. well that's my two bits worth anyway:)

    ps love the new header. it just pops!

  3. I can definitely see the similarities there Mardi...but at the same time they're different. Both totally cute either way!! :)

    Sheree xx

  4. They are both such little sweeties! I love your comparison photos too!

  5. What gorgeous chickens. You know, on closer inspection, they have lots of similarities but are quite different too! What an absolute pleasure it must be to watch these two grow into the little people they are destined to become. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos xx Janelle