The girls....

13 September 2010

I know.. its all I ever post these of my girlies..

But...its Alex's fault....
(and with family living so far away....its the only way we keep in touch....)

Anyway.....Alex was after a nice shot of the girls together.....of course I was happy to oblige.... sadly Bella wasn't!
She just wasn't in the mood at all!
I did get a couple of her that were ok...but she only gave me a 2 second window of opportunity....and in those 2 seconds...Brookie didn't happen to be looking.

Brooke on the other hand was feeling very cooperative....
That's it folks.... thanks for popping by.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous photos Mardi of your beautiful girls....

    Jenny x

  2. Anonymous7:59 am

    I don't blame you. I love to look at the photos of your gorgeous little granddaughters.Bev M.

  3. I love seeing photos of your girls and I can fully appreciate how tricky it is to capture good photos of a super busy two year old ... any photo that is in focus I now call good! Little Brooke has grown sooooo much ... thanks for sharing Mardi.

  4. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Your photos are gorgeous is amazing how fast the girls are growing...I really do enjoy dropping by your blog no matter what the subject is.... always inspiring to me.Lorraine V

  5. How could you not blog about them Mardi? :) Totally sweet pics...they're both adorable!

    Sheree xx

  6. beautiful photos Mardi Jane...xxxx

  7. How super dooper cute are they both Mardi...just oh so gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for sharing

    Cherie xx

  8. Anonymous5:25 pm

    These are beautiful shots Mardi! And I think the top one is a great one of the two of them together, even if Brooke isn't looking!
    Love Brooke's little tongue twisting in her mouth. :) Moi

  9. Oh, they are sooo precious! I like it that Brooke's not looking, in the top one, it tells it how it is with little ones!