30 November 2010

What a month...
November has certainly been a month of the best ever highs and some pretty sucky lows!

Here is a little recap...

Brent won Ford 'apprentice of the year'...we are so proud of him.

Mitch had numerous trips back and forth to the Dr.....finally we have a Specialist appointment booked for early December.... fingers crossed for answers at last.

Mitch had an accident....  involving another car....a blind spot....and a notorious intersection....he (and the other driver) were ok.....but his poor car needed some work... and with his huge insurance excess... his hip pocket took a battering... and put end to some holiday plans he had in the pipeline.

Brent sold his car..... he has downsized to a smaller car.... just something to back and forth to work.....
They already have a nice car which Alex drives....and there was no sense having two larger cars.
I was a little sad to see it had been my car.....then Mitch's.....and finally Brents....a good old faithful.... but its gone to a nice new home.....and I'm guessing we will see it around the Riverland still.

Ian and I finally got our new Camper.

A week or so after we arrived home we noticed that everything was wet....and the water tank was leaking....Ian had to dismantle everything to dry it all harm done....but it does mean another trip back to get it replaced.

The broken windscreen....from the kangaroo was replaced.....typical of our luck lately....the new windscreen had a fault.... and so a new one had to be ordered.....then refitted for a second fault... just one of those things....all fixed now.

Brookie began to crawl....

Bella and Brent both got a terrible coughing bug....and are both still having coughing fits..

Briony got through a mountain of Year 11 sat her exams.... we are just like all other parents at the moment....awaiting results.

Of course.....Prom was a huge's a few more pics...

 Briony went to the Jason Derulo concert in Adelaide.

Ian and I went to the 'Brothers in Arms' concert in Adelaide the night after.

I injured my neck at work.... nothing major....just a 'wry neck' but excruciatingly painful.... I'm hoping the and anti-inflammatories will work a I'm ready for my night shifts.

I guess that wraps it up.....

My goals in December are....

to catch up on phone calls and emails  I owe... and of course to get ready for a quiet but wonderful family Christmas.
Mardi x


  1. You've been busy! Briony looks absolutely gorgeous all dressed up for prom. Why didn't we have them back in our day? Pout. It would have been nice...

    Sorry to hear about all the vehicle incidents. And I hope that Mitch gets his answers from the specialist.

  2. Wow it really has been a bit of a crazy month for you all! Just LOVE those pics of Briony and her friends...and best of luck with her results! I'm sure she's done a fantastic job with her exams. :)

    Hope that neck of yours is feeling better asap you poor thing!

    Sheree xx

  3. Wow what a busy month, love at prom photos...Briony is just stunning.

    Hope you neck is feeling better soon,

    Cherie xx

  4. Let's hope December will be all beautiful for you and your family Mardi (hope your neck will feel better soon too!!)

    Manon xx