Prom night - 2010

27 November 2010

There was much excitement here today....after weeks of anticipation....and planning....
Prom night had finally arrived.

Briony spent the afternoon with Hannah at the hairdressers....
They had hair and makeup done....and Briony arrived home looking beautiful!

The day flew by....and before we knew was time to get ready.

Jarrad arrived looking very handsome in his suit and matching tie.

I of course had the camera out...
It was a stinking hot...and humid afternoon....poor Jarrad must have almost cooked in his suit.

It wasn't long and Hannah arrived ....she looked beautiful too.
(Bella wanted to get in on the action as well.)

Then Cobey arrived 
 I got some great shots of the four of them....
Soon it was time to jump in their gorgeous old cars and make their way over to the 
Berri Resort Hotel on the River front....

I did just manage to capture them as they arrived....
 it was tricky with such crowds all jostling to get near the front.

Here they are just about to walk down the red carpet and into the Prom

So thats Prom 2010 ...
I do have another 190 photos to remember it by....
and the best bit is...we get to do it all over again next year.


  1. Oh Mardi!! Briony looks so beautiful. Goodness just stunning. I LOVE her dress, love that it is floral, love the way it falls from under the bust. Just gorgeous!

  2. Mardi, Briony looks stunning, just gorgeous! Beautiful dress! Great photos!
    I bet she had the best time.

    Cherie xx

  3. Briony and Hannah look absolutely beautiful. The cars are the coolest and the photo of them arriving looks like a paparazzi shot of celebrities!

  4. Oh my...Mardi she looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Briony is such a gorgeous girl. I hope they all had the most wonderful night! Great pics!

    Sheree xx

  5. Anonymous3:37 pm

    What great photos, what good looking kids/friends. I hope they all had a fun night.

    Thanks for sharing, I always love reading your blog. From Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

  6. oh Briony looks gorgeous Mardi! And her dress is beautiful!!!

  7. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Hi Mardi, Briony is breathtakingly beautiful especially in the first b&w photo. Absolutely gorgeous photos. love the dress too. Peggy