December Daily 2010

15 December 2010

Its been a crazy few weeks here in the Winen household.
For some reason....and even with all the best of intentions.... this year has been the most hectic ever.
I was feeling slightly overwhelmed
 (or should I say....incredibly overwhelmed) by all that needed to be done up
until the last few days.... 
Thankfully though.....with a few late nights...and early mornings.... Ive caught up a bit....
and at last can begin to enjoy the silly season.

One of the traditions Ive had over the last two years is to create my own version of
Ali Edwards December Daily album.

This year I'm keeping it super simple....
I have adapted this gorgeous mini book that Kim designed for the recent
@home Handmade Christmas workshop.
Its perfect for the job!

I have kept my pages to the same format....
and do-able..

and I'm doing it!

(Photos to be added in soon)


  1. Love the cover Mardi... can't wait to see more of your DD...

    Jenny x

  2. It looks gorgeous Mardi. I never ever ever get to a December Daily. I don't even attempt it because it's just too crazy a month :). Can't wait to see it when you're finished.

  3. i love the look of it so far mardi. can't wait to see the rest! i'm doing a dd too and have to keep reminding myself to keep it simple... otherwise it just takes over! hectic here too!! :p x