December daily progress

17 December 2010

Keeping it super simple is working well...
I'm on track...

Here is a snapshot so far...

Dec 1 - The vegie garden is producing well...especially the snow peas.

Dec 2 - Bella and Brooke had their playgroup breakup.....they both got lovely books as gifts.

Dec 3 - Ian and I camped overnight at the Coorong in our new camper.

Dec 4 - Ian tried a little fishing off the rocks at Little Dip conservation park.

Dec 5 - Ian began putting up some Christmas lights at home.

Dec 6 - Briony went cherry picking with Jarrad.

Dec 8 - We had flooding rains....150mm overnight....there was flooding everywhere.

Dec 9 - Briony and Jarrad 

Dec 10 - Brent, Alex and the girls.... Bella is so tricky to capture this year.

Dec 11 - Ian and I head out to my Christmas work party.

Dec 13 - All the kids are here tonight...hanging out...playing Scattergories.

Dec 15 - the traditional Winen family Christmas just gets more ridiculous every year.

Hope you are all enjoying the silly season....
Mardi x


  1. Looks fabulous Mardi!! Keeping it simple is good! LOL!

  2. Hey Mardi...
    How are you? Hope all is well in your part of the world!! Just popped in to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! xx
    PS: Do you have the word 'three' on page'5'? hehehe.

  3. Oh, it looks great! I'm hoping to do one next year. At every family event this December I have commented to Yvette "oh this would have made a good entry for our December daily!" So gotta do it next year!