Its hard to concentrate...

21 February 2011

When you are under constant fire....
This was my Sunday....
I was trying to stitch....
Mitch thought I was the perfect target...

That orange blur you can see a foam missile heading toward the side of my neck....

 Phew..... just when I was worried my kids were growing up.


  1. Hee. Mardi that really is too funny. God forbid that they ever grow up totally!

  2. hehehehehe
    Luke would have fun with Mitchell!! wont be showing him this post thats for sure

  3. They really never do grow up Mardi! LOL Our boys got similar dart guns for Christmas...and the dads had more fun that the kids with them!

    Sheree xx

  4. LOL!!!! Boys and their toys!! Did you get in a shot of your own other than with the camera??? :D hee hee!

  5. Anonymous2:13 pm

    what is it with boys and guns? A lady told when my first boy was born, just give him a gun, if you don't he'll just make one out of his toast anyway :)

    Josiah snuck up on me the other day while i was cooking dinner and shot me in the bum with his nerf.... I fell on the kitchen floor dead, he thought it was the most funniest thing he had ever seen...they're definitely lots of fun those things!

  6. Hee hee Mardi, I love it that your kids have such a great sense of humour! It must be fun to be in your house!

  7. Allie9:36 pm

    LOL, that's boys for you!

  8. Anonymous8:07 pm

    My hubby still shoots water guns and what not!
    Hey you have a ready made layout with those photos and that journalling!