18 February 2011

Everyone needs a mini-cushion don't they?
I thought they were cute....
Potentially useful...
sweet little gifts...
repeatedly I got the same question...

Family...."What ARE these?"
Family..." but what do you DO with them?"

Sometimes I wonder....
Why is it that everything needs a use?
Cant they just be.... totally useless!

However.....I think they look sort of sweet
I have one on my spare bed.... one propped against my lamp....and another on my desk...
 some others were sent as little gifts for crafty friends....
hopefully they brightened up a spot in their homes too.

and that my the mini-cushion story.
(Yes I'm delirious and rambling....and about to head to bed....night shifts do that to me)


  1. Oh Mardi, they are gorgeous, so pretty and sweet... and I think if they are that and they brighten our day, then they are very useful... they are good for our soul...

    Jenny x

  2. Mardi I LOVE mine!!! It's the cutest thing! I have mine propped up on a side table next to a red photo frame in my lounge room. :) It makes me not useless at all!!!

    Sheree xx

  3. Anonymous9:52 am

    they are gorgeous Mardi! I LOVE the floral fabrics. And i think its lovely to have "useless" but beautiful things around the house :)

  4. Mardi I LOVE these! Gosh the grey felt is GORGEOUS and the patterns and colours just POP against it! LOVE them and I adore the floral fabric for the owls body. Beautiful!!

  5. Mardi they are just very very cute and because of that they can be totally useless!!

    They look gorgeous so thats all that counts!

    Cherie xox

  6. They are beautiful Mardi and I love mine!! It sits on top of my scrapbooking drawers in the dining room looking totally cute all the time. :)

  7. Allie9:47 pm

    Oh I love them! I have to LOL at the questions, don't take any notice of them we all know that lovely things to look at brighten our days :-)

  8. OMG!! They are devine!! Love them, love the fabrics, love the owls, love the houses and LOVE LOVE useless pretties, and that they are , pretties!!

  9. Well I for one ADORE my little cushion. It has pride of place on my sewing table and it is like having a little bit of Mardi with me while I stitch. THANK YOU xxxx

  10. :) the girls have said it they are too cute:) I did have a little smile to myslef when i read the questions:)

  11. These are so cute Mardi!!

  12. Anonymous8:02 pm

    I love love love mine too - and when I look at it I smile. It sits on a bookshelf so it doesn't get damaged (which is highly likely with my kids!).
    My study/scrap space has some beautiful handmade things and yours is one of them.

  13. I love my cushion :) It sits on my desk at work and gets lots of compliments... It brightens my day!

    Mel xx