More home progress...

26 February 2011

I thought Id share some more pics of our home during its 'Mardifying' process.

The next room I tackled was the bedroom.

Now please note that this room is still in progress...
I'm searching for the perfect bed linen
I have grand plans for frames above my bed...
Our bedside tables have become temporary homes to the vintage frames and paintings Ive been collecting.
The lamp needs a new shade....
Of course Id also love a new bed...but thats unlikely to happen anytime soon.

So to brighten it up...
I added a gorgeous rich turquoise called 'Seachange' behind the bed....
 and covered my other white walls in a mocha colour called 'Sedge'.

I initially thought Id need to move my much loved Citrus Crush quilt to another room....but I was delighted when I realised it matched in perfectly...

It also matched perfectly with my cushions.... all found on various op shop trips.
The round cushion reminds me of my Grandma Lorna.... I'm sure she had some very similar on her lounge when we were kids.

The white throw on the end is a knitted cot quilt made by my Grandma...the detail in it is amazing...... I'm really doing it no justice at all having it flung so haphazardly there.. 

As I mentioned.....I have plans for the frames above my bed....
This gorgeous Kate Mason print may get a new frame....but its adorable...and its staying. 

Here's a peak at the other side of the bed.....yep...another empty frame.

Check out my cute leather kiwi....a much loved souvenir from our trip to New Zealand.
My Op shop finds include that gorgeous lamp base (...that the rest of the family made vomiting faces at ...when they first saw it)....I think its grown on them now....and the frames with original paintings as a bonus.

This is on the wall between the robe and the ensuite......its a tapestry bag made by my Grandma Price...
I adore it... it matches my room.....and its like having a little piece of her with me while I sleep.

So thats where its at so far....
So much still to do.....
So few hours in every week..
Have a great weekend.

Oh....and in case you are interested.....

When we moved in it looked like this....
(Gosh it looks ghastly... surely it didn't look that bad...eeek)
and while it wasn't a white wall... it was almost as was an insipid wasabi colour.
(I do love my framed original painting..... I picked that up at the Adelaide craft fair a few years ago...and although it no longer graces the wall above our will find pride of place somewhere else in the house.)

Thanks for popping by...
Mardi x


  1. Mardi the room looks SO different. I love the new wall colour and your yellow lamp really pops against it. Love the splashes of yellow on your bed too:) Thanks for sharing your space. It's lovely!

  2. Oh Mardi... I love the changes you have made... wall colors are divine... and your quilt looks just fabulous... love all your bits and pieces... they tie in so wonderfully and I am another Kate Mason fan... your print is so sweet...

    Happy Saturday...
    Jenny x

  3. It's such a beautiful room Mardi. And so very you. I love all your special little pieces. And I think your bed goes perfectly! If you got a new one I can't imagine what you'd get!

  4. Mardi your room is just beautiful! I absolutely love that wall colour and your mix of pillows and cushions are gorgeous!

    Sheree xx

  5. WOW MARDI !!!!! this looks amazing.. when can you come to my house?? LOL xx have a wonderful weekend :)

  6. WOW MARDI !!!!! this looks amazing.. when can you come to my house?? LOL xx have a wonderful weekend :)

  7. What a beautiful room. Looks like a great place to cozy up with a good book to read. Love your quilt - and that lamp base is divine!

  8. Looks the colours...very "Mardi" the "M" on the wall...does Ian get an "I" for his job...miss you...xxxx

  9. I am loving all the changes you are making to your home and all the Mardi splashes of colour! Looks great!

    Always great to head on over and catch up with the Winens!

  10. great room mardi ... love the colours and your little touches of awesome blog and your textiles have such a WOW factor.. love love love them !!!!Kate is a close friend of mine she does such amazing work ... my first time here on your blog and I'll definately be back ...hugz x

  11. Anonymous11:41 am

    Love the changes to your bedroom Mardi, they are very you.

  12. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Looks great!
    The round cushion reminds me of one my Grandma had too...

  13. What a pretty room! Your cushions are gorgeous! I love the leather kiwi money box - I bought the same one on a trip back to NZ!