Mini cushion madness...

1 March 2011

Gosh.....these little suckers are certainly addictive...
I couldn't help myself...

This time I also made a car....

...and some more Kim Archer @ home inspired houses....

...and some more cute little owls... because no home ...has enough owls.

Cant wait to share my latest room makeover.
This time my craft room got a new colour....
I took the plunge...
followed my heart....
and made a dramatic change...
More on that when the paint drys.

PS: Thanks for all the lovely comments on my bedroom makeover.....its intimidating putting your own personal space out there.....and I'm very aware that it wont be everyones cup of tea... but its me.....and it makes me I bit the bullet and decided to share.
(especially knowing I'm a sucker for a home makeover post....and I'm sure others are too)

Well I better get crackalackin....
I'm off to a 4wd drive course today....
I think I'm about to get very hot and dirty..
Should be fun.


  1. Oooh more little pillows of loveliness!!! Love them so much Mardi...they're just so cute!!!

    Looking forward to seeing your new craft room makeover!

    Sheree xx

  2. Gorgeous Mardi - I love the car and the little houses but those owls are just adorable!!!

  3. Oh the cars are so cute too.They are gorgeous Mardi. Especially little Bertha the owl on the right! Love her little floral wings.

  4. Oh Mardi, they are so sweet, every single one of them!
    I LOVE your new bedroom, how relaxed and happy you must feel to drift off to sleep in there!

  5. Love the mini cushions - especially the owls!!! Can't wait to see your craft room makeover :)

  6. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Ooooh! I can see mine there! :D

  7. Allie2:52 pm

    Oh I just love these! Love the house and owl ones the best. You are so clever :-)