Lounge room makeover

16 March 2011

Ive reached a stand still for the moment...in my quest for a new look lounge room.
Here's were I'm at...
I have plans for new cushions..
a new throw
a new lounge suite (yeah like that's happening any time soon)

But the changes Ive made have made a huge difference.

We now have a Solver monastery coloured feature wall
Beaver walls
My collection of frames....all painted white...
The side table...and a coffee table pre-loved by Brent and Alex painted Wattyl Magica Marina

Ive been shopping our home for pieces to add  to this room....
This old Schweppes crate has lived in almost every room in the house at some stage....but it fitted the coffee table perfectly...and is great storage.

I had visions of having a little collection of interesting pieces on my coffee table...
but in reality..
All of this may need to retreat to higher ground..
Brookie loves the height of this table...
she has claimed it...and anything on it ... as fair game..
So I'm thinking...maybe a cute basket with Brookie toys would be more appropriate.

A view from the other side....

So that's where its at....
We will live in it....and let it evolve from here.

I have a laundry makeover to share....
and next room to tackle...


  1. LOVE this Mardi!! I am really interested in what you have been doing because we live in a new house, and as much as it is nice, it has NO character!! Loving the changes, but you have a real knack!! Maybe a few of your cute cushions for the lounge? LOVE your cushions!

  2. love the colours Mardi... you have an artistic touch and bring everything together beautifully... lovin' the mix and match feeling to your home ... warm and fuzzy welcoming energy .. big, big hugz x

  3. Looks gorgeous Mardi and so love the colours...you are so clever!!

    Cherie xoxo

  4. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Your room looks so warm and inviting Mardi, love your colours, we have a "Cottee's sparkling passiona" crate in our book case. I agree great for storage and added a bit of interest to the room

  5. Oh I'm loving the colour of your coffee table Mardi! The whole room is looking so beautiful...so cosy and so inviting!

    Sheree xx

  6. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Just beautiful Mardi, and just how I would have imagined a room in your house. It's just like one of your layouts translated into real life, if that makes any sense lol. So homely and full of character, love it :)

    I'm just about to tackle a makeover in the boys room, wish me luck!

  7. looks great..love the colours....xxx

  8. looks fabbo Mardi- we have a 'slades' box (melb lemonade co) I picked up from Camberwell mkt a few months ago.
    next time youre opshopping see if you can pick up some linen teatowels- they make ace cushions- have I shown you mine??
    happy birthday to Brent too !!