Happy 22nd Birthday Brent

16 March 2011

Today we wished Brent a very happy 22nd birthday...
Gosh it so doesn't feel like a year since his 21st.

We celebrated in very typical Winen fashion.
The kids all came for tea (except poor Jarrad who was working)
Its birthday 'persons' choice for tea.... this year we had homemade pastie slice and sausage rolls.
Alex made the traditional chocolate pudding / cake.
Bella helped with the mixture...
Briony went to the shops and back 5 times....for ingredients and things we had forgotten.
Meg came home from Adelaide...

As usual.....it was time to put the  candles in the pudding / cake...when I realised I really need to buy some...Ive thought that same thought for the last two years of birthdays.
So we improvised...which is becoming another tradition.

Brookie got in on the action ....she thought she was pretty funny in these glasses...and we did too.

I love birthdays.... when we all gather together...and how we all sing happy birthday completely out of tune...and out of whack with each other....
I love that my camera never works...and Ian videos the entire procedure...
How we usually have to relight the candles because Ive missed the action.

If it was any different it just wouldn't be right.

Wishing you a very happy birthday mate
love you lots..
Mum x


  1. Oh Mardi this is just delightful.. it is so fabulous how authentic you are, saying how it is !! real life ... not pretending ... loved this post and happy happy birthday Brent 21+1... LOL love this !!!
    gorgeous pics too ... awesome... big hugz x

  2. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Belated birthday wishes to Brent.

    Like you Mardi, I too enjoy the family gatherings, singing "Happy Birthday" out of tune and making do with whatever candles we have on hand. It's these special occassions that we remember.

    Wishing Brent all the best for his 22 year. I hope he enjoyed his birthday celebrations :)

    From your friend Susan McGuire (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx