The lounge - a work in progress...still !

10 March 2011

Good things take time...
but I'm so impatient!!

I added the colour monastery to my wall...
I loved the colour...
but the room was boring...
everything was brown...
different shades of brown...
the carpet
the lounge suite
the walls
the blinds

I painted an assortment of frames....
added some photos and prints...
it was slightly better...
but still boring.

(and I thank Janelle here....for planting the seed)
I added  colour to some furniture...
our brown side duck egg blue (or Wattyl Magica Marina)
and a coffee table in the same colour...still drying in the shed.

 I think it already looks an improvement...
cant wait to make a quilt....and some quirky cushions to complete the look.

However....I think Ive had the most hectic days off ever !

In four days Ive painted the lounge, the laundry and a wall in the kitchen.
Ive painted a side cupboard  and a coffee table.
and an assortment of frames.
Ive also painted a coat rack for the laundry..
Made curtains for the glass in the laundry door
and cleaned the house from top to bottom.
Back to work in the morning....exhausted but content with that feeling of achievement.


  1. looks fantastic...can't wait till our next

  2. Wow you've had a VERY productive few days Mardi! Your new look loungeroom is looking fantastic and I love the colour you've put onto the sidetable...what a difference! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

    Sheree xx
    ps. I have that same little owl at my place! :D

  3. LOVE it all and would love to see photos when all the rooms are complete!

  4. Wow Mardi, you need a rest! It looks amazing, I can't believe the difference the side table makes, it lifts the whole room - the colour is perfect!

  5. Mardi i am tired just reading about it! hee. good on you for being such a do-er. I have a number of pieces of furniture I want to revamp but I am too scared. i love your lampshade and little owl on the side table too. lovely!

  6. i cant wait to see it all it looks so pretty:)

  7. I love it all, you have done so much in such a small space of time. Can't wait to see it in person :-)

    Really love the aqua touches in the lounge room, they really lift it.