Thankful thought - No 1

12 March 2011

If you visited Ali Edwards blog today you may have noticed a fun download and an invitation to play along.
Ali has made available... free....a sweet little overlay and a rounded corner mask.
and the invitation to share our own thankful thought.
I love that after each meal....we all pitch in and help with the dishes and making the kitchen clean.
It doesn't matter who is home.... we all just help out.
Ian normally clears the table and puts the rubbish in the bin.
I generally wash.....although sometimes Briony or Alex will.
Briony  generally dries..
Mitch and Meg put away....
Brent?....he has a knack of avoiding the entire procedure.


  1. What a wonderful thankful thought and amazing family you have. I think I would post this as my happy thought every day if it happened in my house. I love your thankful thought

  2. Mardi - have a thankful thought too - Love yours ... for it to happen here would be an "optimistic thought".