Thankful thought - No 2

20 March 2011

I am so thankful that Mitch and Meg cooked dinner on Friday night...
they are very handy in the kitchen....and cooked a delicious meal.

Gotta love Mitch's high tech anti-onion device..  not quite what I was expecting when I glanced into the kitchen...... but then again.....its Mitch....and that means anything could happen.
 Ali Edwards has once again very kindly offered this free down loadable overlay...
Download and join in ((here))


  1. Haha I look a bit like that!! Hate cutting onions!

    And LOving the new layout and header!

  2. Anonymous12:05 am

    hilarious! now only a man would think of that :)

    love the new blog look too Mardi!

  3. too funny LOL !!!! love your new look blog Mardi .. xo

  4. love the new look blog page...and thats Mitch all