Adding colour - one room at a time - Laundry

19 March 2011

Another room to get a makeover was the laundry...
This one was not a major job...
The room is small...
and it was already functional..
I love my overhead rails for drying...hanging ironing...and even drip drying over the trough.

What I didn't like was my white walls...
the only colour in this room before.... was the dirty clothes on the floor.

So I brightened the walls with Dulux  Kelly's flower (at least I think that's what it was...silly me threw the tin without recording the colour....grr...I never do that)
Painted a garage sale find (coat rack) in black gloss and added it to the wall.
Made a Nanna curtain to fit inside the glass on the door....
it lets in lots of light....but I no longer need to look at the fence.

It looks much better I think.

I also love our storage baskets....each member of the family have their own.... as I fold...I pop the clothes  in their basket....some weeks the underwear never gets put away....
it just gets washed and re-worn straight from the basket.

Here's a close up of my Nanna curtain.... isn't it so pretty.

Looking forward to sharing Brionys room makeover very soon


  1. love the colour and the baskets mardi... my laundy is half the size - its horrible! yours is so cheerful looking... :) x

  2. Anonymous8:32 pm

    I have the EXACT same laundry door Mardi! I love the light it lets in but when you stand outside and look through you can see straight into the kids bathroom, which isn't so great. So i love your little nanna curtain! So bright and cheery :)

    And i have the same rag rug too...a couple of bucks in Kmart?

  3. Oh that colour is so pretty on the walls Mardi! Your laundry is so spacious next to mine...I LOVE your shelves with the baskets...and that drying rack! Your nanna curtain is lovely too. :)

    Sheree xx

  4. Your laundry looks stunning Mardi. You SO need to come here and help me with my old house. Can't wait to see Briony's room next xx Janelle

  5. Love the laundry, it is so often the forgotten room, yet one that we spend so much time in. The baskets are fantastic and love the nanna curtain.

  6. Oooooh! so excited about your fantastic idea of a basket each for folded washing, looks fantastic.....might have to use that idea in my new house!

    I've been watching your home makeover Mardi and I love all that you have done so far, you eye for colour is spot on!