Adding colour - one room at a time - Brionys room

20 April 2011

Well Ive slowed up a bit with my painting and decorating at home.
I had grand plans of painting a room on each set of days off.....but life has been busy.....
and I have spent a lot of my spare time stitching owls and notebook covers for Dudley and Grace.

But I'm happy to have made just a little progress.

So here is a peak into Brionys newly painted room

Every time Ive mentioned I'm painting Brionys room Ive got the same response....
"But you only just painted it!!"

and I had...

but I wasn't entirely happy....
the aqua was too 'lolly'
and the rest of the room was too pastel.....
it looked washed out compared to my other bold colour choices.
so we have gone from this....

To this..
.I feel like its so much better !!

The walls are now my 'go to' colour - 'Solver Beaver'
and I have added a 
'Seachange' feature wall behind her bed.

That framed painting used to be in our room....
but looks so much better in hers.

The doona and blanket were both lucky op shop finds.

In this corner is some more recent op shop treasures...
as well as her gorgeous old dresser.

On her bed is a cute little cushion I made for her last week...
as well as her owl....stitched with love by herself.

Under bed storage.... full of girlfriend magazines....and other bits and pieces.

It really is satisfying getting another room started.....and the hard work of painting done.
Now I can continue to add little treasures as I find them.....and tweak the final details.
Id love to see any of your recent makeovers too...
I'm a little obsessed with home makeovers at the moment... in case you hadn't noticed.
You can see my other completed  rooms ((( here )))


  1. Wow, what a difference, I LOVE it, that doona is gorgeous!

  2. hi Mardi...I love the new colours and the painting behind the bed looks great...Shaun loves it too...he was just here saying "that is how i want my house to look"....well done

  3. You're on fire Mardi - Briony's room looks beautiful.

    On Dudley... I just remembered something. One of my friends from Playgroup, who's a grandmother, told me about when she first met her husband. He told her his name, Dudley, she laughed and laughed and thought he was joking. She thought it was the most ridiculous name. Then they married and she was stuck with Dudley LOL.

  4. wowee!! what a difference a little colour makes! i so love watching your decorating transformations mardi! my scrap space makeover is almost done... just waiting for a few little bit and pieces. It is a good feeling isn't it? cheers for now :) x

  5. Lorraine V11:03 pm

    Briony's room looks fantastic Mardi. I love the colour of the feature wall. Your makeovers for each room look fantastic and so many special "Mardi" touches to complete each room(if you know what I mean)...gorgeous Mardi.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.


    Cherie xoxox

  7. Anonymous10:16 am

    just gorgeous Mardi! I LOVE the blue floral quilt, what a find!

    Love seeing your make overs, i always get a little excited when i see you've posted another one lol...

  8. It looks so beautiful Mardi! I absolutely love the new colours!!!

    Sheree xx

  9. Wow...i have been watching you paint your house bright, love all the fab colours you are using!! I am totally inspired by you to give it a whirl too - but i HATE painting!!

  10. Stunning! When can I move in? ;-)