On my wish list....

22 April 2011

This shiny piece of kitchen equipment.
Im lead to believe it could be my shining saviour in the kitchen...
Apparently....according to friends who have one....it makes cooking a breeze.... minimal dishes... fool proof.
So for me...who finds cooking to be the most tiresome chore....I can only imagine it to be just what I NEED!
However....it has quite a price tag...
and Ian is sceptical...and rightly so....
Would this be just another expensive dust catcher?
Im keeping it on my list though.....and if I ever have the money to spare....one of these babies will be mine!

Brown knee high boots... for the wider calf.
I always have problems with wide calves....I'm built to pull heavy loads like a Shetland...
I'm certainly not a dainty thoroughbred.
But ....I would love a quality leather pair of brown leather boots that fit.
My winter wardrobe staple.
(Perhaps not exactly this pair....but you've got the picture)
a new paper trimmer
Mine is so blunt that Ive now resorted to cutting with scissors instead.
I looked longingly the other weekend at both Allie and Lisa's trimmers... they both have this model
Apparently there is a great purple cow version available too.

A map like this for our home....
I imagine highly sought after.... but Ill be keeping my eyes peeled.


This adorable bag...
I know Ian and the kids would agree.... a bag is something I'm definitely NOT short of...
but I'm fairly certain I haven't got one in a pretty colour like this one.
Silly thing is....I rarely use a bag
I prefer to carry wallet...keys and phone all single in my hand.

These gorgeous silver bangles.....I think Ive developed a serious silver lust lately...

Old bright....colourful....mismatched plates....always on the look out for these.

Anything to satisfy my owl love...

This for my wall.... I (((heart))) this sooooo much.

and lastly... because 10 is a nice number....and I don't want to appear like a 'want want'...

Breakfast bar stools... its only been three years....and we still don't have any....
I only want two....
perhaps some like these.....

or these....

So whats on your list?

Happy Easter everyone....
Mardi x


  1. LOVE those blue stools, yummo! And I have one of those MM cutters somewhere in my long lost scrapping stash, will see if I can fish it out and I'll post it to you.

  2. Oh, you have great taste! Love that wall art. I have a MM cutter too...but it squeaks so loud it wakes Lizzy up and I'm not sure what to do to fix it...so I use scissors too!

    What does a thermomix do???

  3. Anonymous8:07 pm

    I recently had to buy a new paper trimmer as mine was old and blunt as well. Thankfully I got one on sale at Big W for under $25.

    I also recently bought a very cute owl t shirt from Target. I will take a photo and post it onto my Facebook page so you can see it. While I am not really "into" owls I did think this shirt was too cute to resist. I wear it a lot with jeans or leggings and I always feel happy in it.

    Like you I dream of getting some new boots. I have some dark brown ones in mind and the shoe shop selling them is currently having a sale so I will have to go back there soon and hope they have my size available. In winter I love wearing boots.

    Happy Easter to you and your family Mardi. Have fun and keep safe. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

  4. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Great taste Mardi! LOVE that little blue owl he is CUTE!!
    Love the bar stools too, we're still without ones...and it's only been three years! I need to start seriously looking for some at second hand shops, there's no way I'm paying $200 for a barstool when i need at least four of them (preferably six!) Love those ones painted blue, a great idea :)

  5. Wow what a great list Mardi! LOVE those blue stools...and that cute bag..and that adorable owl! I've heard the thermomix is amazing but does cost quite a bit. I'm not a huge fan of cooking but if it makes it easier it sounds good to me!

    Sheree xx

  6. ...I will just copy and past your wish list to mine- my friend has a thermomix and LOVES IT- she got it when she went along with another friend to talk her out of purchasing one- and ended up with one as well LOL. what size are you in boots- i have a brown pair that have elastic right up the back as I have the same issue- they are flat riding boot style though, the last time I went to the shop I bought them from they still had some- will take some picks of my boots tomorrow to show what the look like...

  7. it is always great to have a wish list as it is like a positive affirmation ... write it down and it becomes closer to manifestation ...always BELIEVE that is the KEY !!!! believe you deserve it and it will come into fruition .... I feel it is a little like posting a letter .... post it and trust ... put the action in and everything becomes reality ...big hugz x

  8. I have the MM trimmer! My one extravagant purchase in my short scrapping history. LOVE it and best $80 I have spent.
    And these are the boots I am hoping to purchase http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product=RORT-WZ41&c=&currency=AUD

    Love reading your blog and seeing your gorgeous style.
    Take care!