My treasures this week....

18 April 2011

Well there was no Oppie shopping for me this week...
but on Saturday morning Ian and I headed off to a couple of garage sales.
To be truthful I'm not a huge fan of garage sales.....I find it a little intimidating being at someones home...
BUT....very occasionally we will check out the list in the paper...and head off for the morning.

I was very happy we did....

I had been looking for a little old high chair for ages.....
so  I was thrilled to pick up this one up very reasonably priced.
Ian has since given it a once over....strengthened it and cleaned the aluminium tray.

I also scored these.....

and this....

which now looks like this.....

As I have the last few weeks... I'm playing along on Sophie's blog...
with Flea Market finds....there's certainly  lots of gorgeous treasure linked there.


  1. Anonymous11:38 pm

    gorgeous finds Mardi! LOVE the highchair!
    I'm the same with garage sales too...i'm glad it's not just me:)

  2. Anonymous8:36 am

    the high chair is gorgeous and the mirror looks fantastic .. good finds .. I also feel the same way at garage sales - feel as though you have to buy something too as they always stare he he

  3. Great finds! I LOVE the blue mirror!

    I'm too uncomfortable to go to garage sales too!

  4. I am so jealous, love, love the vintage suitcase, makes my 'find' last week look pretty ordinary up against your treasure..well done the high chair too - perfect for your little angel x

  5. Lots of great finds there Mardi! Love that cute mirror and the vintage suitcase...and the high chair too!

    Sheree xx

  6. I love that blue mirror Mardi.