Today you are one !

17 April 2011 was your 'Happy Day' as Bella would say...
today you turned one.

You arrived at Nan and Pops mid morning.. with Daddy, Mummy and Bella.
You were excited.....I think you knew it was your special day.
You quickly got into the swing of presents....and unwrapping....and whenever you were stuck....your big sister helper Bella was eager to lend a hand.

In fact....I'm pretty sure your big sister had a very 'Happy Day' too...

Mummy baked some delicious food.....with some help from your Aunty's Briony...Meg and Sarah...

Daddy and Uncle Mitch helped to hang some balloons....and then we added some streamers as well.

We set up for lunch under the pergola...
Daddy..Mitch...James....Chris....Luke...Jarrad....Poppy and Pa played some table tennis and darts... and then a game of cricket....

Poppy cooked the BBQ... and Grandpa lent a hand....

Kaila and James arranged this beautiful cake....all wrapped in white chocolate...
It was delicious.....

Then you were plum tuckered out....
so you took a bottle of milk.....and headed off to Nans cot for a long sleep

We had a lovely day Brookie....
We all love you so much !
we are proud of you....
and we love watching you grow into such a adorable little personality...
Love Nan xx


  1. Happy Birthday to you little Brookie!!! Wow it looked like such a fun day and that cake looks amazing! YUM! :D

    Sheree xx

  2. Looks like you all had a special day celebrating with Miss One! Wow time flies!
    PS Isn't Briony beautiful! LOVE her hair and dress! Gorgeous girl!

  3. Happy Birthday little Brooke, one already - WOW! You cake looked delicious, all that white chocolate - yum!

  4. Happy birthday Brookie!

    What a gorgeous big family celebration. xo

  5. Wow! Happy day Brookie! How lucky are you to celebrate with loving family!!! xx

  6. Happy Birthday gorgerous Brookie
    Looks like you had a very happy day!
    Wow time has flown and how special is that cake!!!
    Cherie xx

  7. Oh she's a sweetheart! Happy Birthday Brookie! Looks like a wonderful day!

  8. Looks like an awesome special day...wish we could have been there to share it...hugs and kisses to Brookie...xxxx