One thing I love.....

15 April 2011

Is getting into a huge mess....
and then cleaning it all up again....Ahhh....what a great feeling.

I really LOVE neatness and order...
which makes me question....why am I so damn messy when I'm creating?
Even when I'm scrapbooking I end up sitting in the midst of a pile of paper...offcuts.....
and double sided tape backings.
I'm no different when I stitch....I have fabric...threads...pins...everywhere...
I spend the greatest part of my time searching for things I had only one second ago.

So for those who remember my nice tidy room....
I thought Id share a sneak peek of just what damage I can create.

I'm sure I'm not alone with this.....I bet there are many other serial 'messers' out there...
please reassure me I'm normal.


  1. Yep thats me!! but I to LOVE to clean and start fresh.Be assured you are not the only one!!

  2. Normal...yes, definitely normal. I love a clean craft area, and feel so inspired when it's all tidy and beautiful. So inspired, that I mess it up again almost immediately! Ho's fun, though :)

  3. Completely normal, I have to have a clean area to start but boy can I make a mess! Kristina Werner had a post about this last week and many of her readers posted pics of their desk, you are very normal.

  4. make that

  5. Oh it is like reading about myself Mardi.... and especially about losing things I just had... good, I don't feel so bad now... I love to tidy everything up and but it doesn't stay that way for long... and then I can't stand the mess and the circle

    Jenny x

  6. Oh soooo normal Mardi, I too wonder how I can love order and neatness so much yet create amongst mess and chaos??? Have a great weekend, Lee x

  7. Anonymous5:26 pm

    yep, me too :) Right about now my room doesn't even resemble the photos i posted...hence the door stays shut!

  8. Looks very much like my room right now Mardi! LOL You're definitely not alone there! :)

    Sheree xx

  9. Anonymous11:58 am

    yep...guilty serial messer...mine's so messy right now that i ahve to tiptoe from one side to the other and can't find a spare spot to work on :( huge clean up is planned for tomorrow! have a fabulous weeked sweet, tatum xx

  10. Hahaha ive seen you scrap Mardi.....hey how did a space do you need to sew in,,,cause i know you dont need much to scrap in :)
    ummmm im messy too so sounds like we are all normal:)

  11. You are so not alone Marnie.
    At least you have a room. My craft is spread over the whole house and I spend more time looking for stuff than actually sewing and creating. But it's fun. xx Sue

  12. yes....that is exactly how mine looks at the present moment!