The story of the capsicums....

8 April 2011

Alex dropped the girls off while she went to the market.

We  headed outside for a play...

Brookie had a swing...

Bella noticed the capsicums....

It wasn't long before she picked one....

They look like apples.....surely they taste like apples (or 'appas' as Bells calls them)

Nup !! definitely not like 'appas' .... I think her face says it all.

Brookie finds it funny....

Bella fled the scene....
...and they all lived happily ever after.


  1. very cute story...great photos...xxxx

  2. LOL - so cute. My cousins did the same thing at their grandparents', except they were chillis!

  3. Anonymous11:40 am

    Terrific photos that tell the story so well, great job Mardi. Those grandaughters of yours are sooooo pretty.

    Have a fun and safe week end.

    From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

  4. Too funny - so glad you were there to 'capture' the moment!

  5. Haha funny you should post about this but one of my 11 months old twins just did the same thing. Picked it off the plant, and took a big munch!!
    He was not pleased!!
    Love the images, priceless!!

  6. LOL So funny and adorable Mardi! :D

    Sheree xx