Finally....a scrapping share..

11 April 2011

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful day scrapping with
Allie, Charmaine and Lisa....
I managed to scrap quite a few layouts that day....but I had never actually finished them off.
So throughout last week I added the final touches.

I kind of wish Id finished them on the day...
I had lost my direction a little...
but still....they are done now...and I'm happy.

Another challenge I had that day was photos...or rather...lack of...
I was forced to scrap using some older ones...
and I'm kinda glad now that I did.


  1. Fabulous layouts Mardi... really love the first one... what a gorgeous pic... and nice to see you are continuing with the monthly layouts... January looks great...

    Jenny x

  2. gorgeous mardi...i esp like the first one - what a fabulous photo!! :)) x

  3. Yay!!! Always love some Mardi scrapping! LOVE them.. they're all gorgeous pages!!

    Sheree xx

  4. Lorraine8:34 am

    Always love seeing your work Mardi. Gorgeous as always.

  5. Ooooo lotsa lovely layouts! I recognise some doilies too! You are doing the monthly layouts this year! I'm so glad - it's such a great record.