This was our Easter sunday....

24 April 2011

I think its become a tradition....
the egg hunt.

It was a lovely morning....
Brent and Alex along with Mitch, Meg, Briony, Jarrad, Pop and Nan all joined the girls in the garden...
There were LOTS of eggs to hunt for...

This year Bella was totally into it...
She rushed from egg to egg...
so excited at every single little find.

Brookie got in the swing as well....
She found herself a couple that Bella had overlooked
....and then settled back to enjoy them.
She did rather like eating the foil though
and could sneakily pop the small eggs...foil and all into her mouth faster than we could grab them.

Bella collected the stash in her wagon

Only once she was happy the hunt was over....did she begin to eat them.

Brookie on the other hand....she was mastering this easter chocolate thing like a pro....and had moved onto the large rabbit.

So that was Easter....I think Brookies face captured perfectly what the girls thought of their Easter morning.


  1. What fun you must have had with the girls and the photos are fantastic....thanks for

  2. Looks like a fun day was had by all! Beautiful photos, the girls are growing so fast! Our first grandchild is due in October, can't wait.

  3. How gorgeous!! Happy Easter Mardi..x

  4. cute Mardi! Love the photos! It's so fun watching the kids' excitement during their egg hunt isn't it? Sounds like you had a lovely time together. :)

    Sheree xx