12 April 2011

I finished tearing  and ironing a little stack of FQ's from my collection of sheets....
I then excitedly sent some off for the FQ vintage sheet swap I joined.
I'll be VERY excited in a few weeks when a little package of 'new to me' FQ's arrive.

I packaged up 'Noleen' and sent her off to Victoria....

I also kissed Dorothy goodbye....
She headed to Victoria as well.... 
I'm hoping perhaps Noleen and Dorothy are chatting for at least some of the way.

I finished off a canvas for young James... his family visited on Friday night.
While his Dad watched footy with Ian....I helped his Mum make an owl canvas for his sisters room.....
James wanted a canvas as he helped me create this car picture....
I finished the stitching today and dropped it off to his Mum....I think he may be pretty pleased with it.

I made a little cushion for Brionys bed....from an idea I'd been growing in my head....
It sort of worked....maybe it needs a little refinement yet.

I went to parent / teacher interview at the always I'm proud of my girl.

I made a Chiro appointment for tomorrow...(long overdue) neck is out... I'm thinking its caused  from poor desk height at the sewing machine and computer.
Ian would suggest maybe its a hint that I spend a little too much time at my desk....but of course I dont!!

I googled and compared laptop computers..... 
I'm hoping to get one...a replacement for my ailing desktop tractor model.

I bought some new foundation......I smirked when I asked the shop assistant for her suggestion....and she led me straight to the age defying formula...

I shifted a little furniture....I made Briony a little homework desk area in the family room....

We had homemade steak sandwiches for dinner....the second night in a row...simple and delicious.

Meg arrived to stay for the holidays....its nice to have her home.

Looking forward to MKR tonight.

Thats all folks.


  1. You have been very busy Mardi:) I can relate to the neck thing:) I have finished my quilt and will put it on my blog for a TA-DA moment LOL and while my auntie was here she cut out a whole quilt for me in like 2hrs or less...boy i sure know nothing!!!!! about cutting out...all i can say is...i can see why it took me forever to do my quilt hahaa....hey maybe we need a sewing get together day??

  2. Oooo you are a tease! Only sneak peeks?!

  3. Loving those sneaks Mardi! You've certainly been a very busy girl!!!

    Sheree xx

  4. wow mardi... absolutely LOVE your creations - they are such a natural progression from your scrapping style.. LOVE them! ... also love the daily dot points - lol with the makeup purchase! dd's 14 yo friend told me i was really cool for an 'older lay' the other day!! promptly said 'thank you so much!!! xx

  5. ahhhh!! no, no!! i meant 'older lady'... not 'older lay'!! omg... totally cracked myslef up! :))) x

  6. You have been very busy!! It won't work with the sewing, but if you are doing things at your desk try using a large board as the surface and proping it up slightly at the back, like a draftsman desk. It really takes the stress off your neck. And a big note of thanks, 'Douglas' arrived safe and sound and received a large squeal of welcoming. My eldest daughter is expecting their first child in october and Douglas was the first toy for the nursery. He has pride of place in the rocking chair, and apparently has caused a complete re-think of the nursery scheme. It has gone from a few home made items too now it will be the majority of things, which is wonderful. The only problem is that my daughter can't even sew on a button!!! (her husband does it) so guess who has a very long list of items to be made!

  7. You have been busy Mardie. Loving your raw edge applique. Looks fantastic. Can you please show us the bigger pictures please. Love the look of Briony's cushion. You've started something here I think. xx Sue