Ahh...she finally scrapbooks

20 May 2011

It was fun...
I snipped....stuck....and enjoyed the process....which was lovely.

I sometimes feel like Ive lost my groove....but Ive realised thats fine....grooves come and go....and looking back through the albums....all that matters are the photos and journaling.
I'm pretty sure Ill never hear the kids say "Gee...Mum wasn't on her game here..was she"

So here are some more memories for the albums....

"This year there were two excited egg hunters"

Loved the Sassafras papers...
and that gorgeous Prima flower...
and the cute little birdie pin from the chip chop shop

Don't cry Papa
(the story or Bella initially refusing to give Grumps a hug....)

More beautiful Sassafras...Prima and some bits of lovely from the little bits of pretty store.

Hello Pumpkin
(Brionys affectionate greeting)

Yep..... more Sassafras and Prima


  1. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Ahhh...just perfect Mardi! I think we have the same bunch of supplies sitting on our desks. I'm slowly working my way through a stack of Sassafras...and i love the Elle's tags too. Been putting them on every LO lately. I ended buying every packet in the range and I think i'm still going to run out soon:)

    Love your family photos xx

  2. sigh...Mardi, they are so perfect! you are ALWAYS on your game, every single one is gorgeous

  3. Absolutely beautiful Mardi! So good to see some of your scrappy goodness!!! Love 'em all!!!

    Sheree xx

  4. Anonymous8:41 pm

    These are so beautiful - I love these layouts.
    Moi xx