New profile missing post.

16 May 2011

This is all I have left of my profile photo post.
Unfortunately Blogger encountered problems.....and some posts were removed.
I waited anxiously all weekend...hoping my post would be recovered...
but Ive all but given up hope now.

So....tonight I wanted to thank those who had commented on my 'profile photo post' before it was lost....sadly I never got to read most of them.....and that's the the thing I'm most sad about.
I also wanted to thanks those who emailed....concerned that I had intentionally removed it ... I kinda wish I least if Id removed it....Id have had the chance to read the comments.

So this is all thats left.........
Well Id already thought to myself that I was due for a new updated profile photo.

Then while Dad and Mum were visiting the subject of my profile pic popped up...
and it became very clear that neither Mum...(nor Briony for that matter) where that keen on my old

According to them....
.it looks like Ive given someone a darn good telling off...and I'm now peering...
eyebrows raised to see how they are taking it.

I was a little humoured and shocked that they felt so strongly about it...
But....they felt it wasnt typical of me...
and asked that I please swap it for a smilier

So Mum..... hows this????

Edited to add
Just in from the house of mum and Dad... 
"Hi Mardi, Read your blog this am and haven' t stopped laughing. I love you heaps but could you try again please as the two choices you gave , where as they are ok I couldnt help thinking they were a tad false. However at least you were smiling and not looking like a strict school marm.Look forward to seeing the new face of Mardi. xx "

Thankfully Briony offered to take one for me....

and I'm pleased to report.....this one got the tick of approval from the house of Mum and Dad.


  1. haha at mums little words of advice:) I like your new profile pic that Briony took.....have something to send/post/show will love it may give you a bit more dudley grace inspiration:) Stay tunedxx

  2. Very nice Mardi, I can see why "Mum" approved xx

  3. well it's lovely mardi.

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  5. Sorry, was signed in as Jasper again. Just wanted to say you look gorgeous and great photo taking Briony xx Janelle

  6. Lorraine V11:23 am

    Gorgeous choice by all involved.

  7. Allie4:59 pm

    Love the new pic - very "you" :-)