Kitchen stool makeover...step by step

21 June 2011

I came across this old stool at the dump...Ian just silently shook his head in disbelief.
....but I had visions of it ....all prettied up....and living in my kitchen

I removed the seat ...sanded and painted the base in a nice shiny red.
I also replaced the rubber caps on the end of the legs with some brand new black ones.
Then I chose a nice little collection of fabrics to make a cover for the seat.

I then cut some 3" strips from each of my chosen fabrics..... cut them once again into varying lengths....
then randomly stitched everything together to make one large patch-worked piece.

I had already measured the stool cushion and found that a plastic shower cap would slip over and cover it perfectly. So I removed the elastic and used it as my pattern.

I backed my patchwork piece with pellon.....
and layered it together with a fabric on the reverse side....
then cut it out to size using the shower cap as a pattern.

I then stitched a casing around the outside edge

and gathered it up slightly....

Then I slipped it over the stool cushion and tied it up firm.

I think it looks pretty cool sitting in the kitchen.....
a total contrast to the yucky old thing I picked up at the dump.


  1. Wow that's awesome! And so Mardi. :) What does Ian think of it now?

  2. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Love it Mardi, looks fabbo :)

    Megan xx

  3. Oh mardi its divine. You must be thrilled. What a transformation. I spy my favourite yellow vintage floral there too.

  4. oh wow mardi... utterly gorgeous!! .. and way too cute to sit on! lol... clever chick! :))xx

  5. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Great job Mardi! I liked reading your What I Wore Wednesday post too. And your decluttering post has reminded me of some jobs I need to do ...
    Moi xx

  6. Jennifer1:29 pm

    That looks fantastic! I love giving something old a new lease of life!

  7. That stool is so cute, love the colours, is Ian still shaking his head ? lol My DH is the same although after he shakes his head he always says "and where are you going to put that". Men they just dont get it do they.

  8. You should be very proud of yourself (bet you couldn't resist a "I told you so" to Ian)...well done, looks fab!

  9. Mardi it looks awesome!! What a transformation!!

    Sheree xx

  10. Fabulous revamp Mardi... looks so pretty in your kitchen...

    Jenny x

  11. It looks sensational Mardi ... very inspiring!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  12. Anonymous8:40 pm

    oh man i am soo glad i am not the only one who scores stuff from their local tip.. I scored a huge solid timber door with a wrought iron screen i am going to cut the screen and door in half, rust up the wrought iron and paint the main door dark red, the wrought iron screen is going to stand out nicely with the red door, they are going to be a feature for our walls . all for $5.00 can't wait to play :) love your stool totally trendy .

  13. Anonymous9:53 pm

    i Stikk cant believe how awesome this looks Mardi its cool bugger whatever ian thinks it cool :)
    Megan xx

  14. that is super cute, i think i might try making a big one for our dining table!!! :D