What I wore Wednesday....

22 June 2011

Last week when Janelle and I posted our very first 'What I wore Wednesday'....I was so nervous....
As I hit 'post' I thought it was more than likely going to be my very first and last.
But I was blown awaaaaaay by the lovely encouraging comments...  thank you SO much.

So..... here goes.....my second WIWW....

Black bonds singlet top
Elastic waist skirt - Cotton on (Briony bought it for me for $2.00 as she knew Id love the fabric)
Green target cardigan - Op shop
Boots - Duo boots.
Scarf - our local clothing store
Necklace - Diva.. last year

The skirt is longish.... so initially I  thought about shortening it....
 then I realised if I pulled it up under my bust it was the perfect length....
and because it has a wide elastic band it is super comfortable.

 I would love if anyone else wanted to join in and share a photo of what they are wearing too....gosh how I would love that....and Id be able to get inspiration too.


  1. You look amazing Mardi... love the skirt pulled up like that and the green cardigan is fab... the scarf is so sweet too... love all of it :))

    Jenny x

  2. Anonymous10:56 am

    Hello wednesdays :) You certainly would not like to see what i am wearing today ! SUPER DAGGY LOL but you are looking mega sweet, love the harry high skirt look :) great idea! and love your scarf yummy ..

  3. Can I take you shopping with me, just love your style! You ladies are such an inspiriation...although hubby might say a bad influence as I have been sourcing out ladies clothes online and made a few purchases he he!!

  4. oh i am so in love with this outfit on you! so cute! you are such a gorgeous little thing. i love the scarf!

  5. looks awesome:)!!

  6. Mardi you look gorgeous but I am drawn to your smile and happy face-beauty from within and all that. That's what truly comes through in these pics to me. I admire you for doing this. I loathe pics of myself and am rarely in any let alone any on my own!!! naughty I know! Love the green cardi, what a beautiful colour.

    What I am wearing today-and most days...jeans, ugg boots-yessss!! and a hoodie. The joy of being a stay at home mummy. hehe. I wouldn't change a thing but maybe...I should dress it up on Wednesdays. Take care lovely Mardi!

  7. Hi Mardi, you look awesome as always...I love these colours...you always look so hip and trendy...you inspire me...xxxx

  8. I love that green cardi. You look just gorgeous Mardi!

  9. Love this cute outfit Mardi! Gorgeous green cardi!

    Sheree xx

  10. Hi there, another great look, love that colour on you Mardi, very nice! I almost joined you this week, asked my daughter to take a pic of me and she said "why would people want to know what you are wearing...that's just sad..." hmmm so all confidence went out the window and I didn't play along...maybe next week???

  11. Gorgeous Mardi...love the green cardi and your scarf.

  12. Looking Great Mardi:)......Briony sure knows her mums tastes:)
    Cant wait for next week.....i should model my finds......

  13. ooh love that green cardy, your style is rocking Mardi, love it!!

  14. I love looking at what other people wear (and you wear it so well :-)especially the op shop part.

    I do this sometimes on my blog, I was inspired by another blog friend who is doing it every day in June! Its so fun to her outfit each day.
    My blog is private but anyone is welcome to have a look just email me at bearlulubrooks@yahoo.com.au

    THanks for sharing

  15. My gosh Mardi i LOVE this outfit - especially the colours! I'm really looking foward to these posts.