24 June 2011

Another pinterest find....
Too sweet  not to be shared...


Thanks again for the lovely comments re: my WIWW post....
I just wanted to add that its been so lovely to 'chat' clothing....its funny how we all have our comfy home clothes....and gosh....I spend my fair share of days in jeans...sloppy windcheaters and ugg boots in winter.
 I also spend a lot of time in a frog green uniform with reflective stripes.
What I'm the most excited about though is that there has been talk of clothing shopping (Lisa) ....and also the chance that some of you may join in and play the gorgeous Yvette did this week.
I've loved that these posts have led me to some other gorgeous blogs where I've had the chance to be inspired in return.
I'm still not 100% comfortable sharing pics of myself....I avoid the camera like the plague.....and I've often deleted every single photo of me before I've even downloaded them from my camera...but I'm putting that aside for if I can too!!
If you are contemplating playing along....please do.....Id love you to join in....and I know Janelle would as well.
Have a great weekend....Mardi x

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