What I wore Wednesday

15 June 2011

this is my bravest blogging step yet....
I'm actually sharing the very thing I'm the most self conscious about....

I am taking the plunge though....
(after much reassurance from Janelle ....
and some collaboration together on the idea of a 'What I wore Wednesday' type post.)

Why on earth would I do this?
... because.....
I have been so often inspired by similar posts on other gorgeous blogs.!
I've been inspired seeing how others combine their clothes..and accessories....and occasionally I've had a real ah'haa moment about an item of clothing I might already have in my wardrobe.

Over the last few years I've had to adjust to a new me...
and I think....
 finally I've begun to feel comfortable in a style that suits me....my shape...and lifestyle.

Initially I was dead against the idea of sharing these photos online...
I'm curvy...quite curvy...and I wish I wasn't...I'm not fond of photos of me.
I'm also not a spring chicken anymore..... I'm a Nan now.
(Although I like to think I'm a young Nan...lol)

My other hesitation was that ..
I don't spend a lot of money on clothes.....so I'm no fashion trendsetter.. 
in fact I rarely follow fashion....I just wear what makes me feel like Mardi.
So what would the point of even sharing this be?

Well I guess its that I  thought that just maybe....someone may be around my age....
perhaps like me...a little on the curvy side .....may enjoy seeing what I wore today...

So... 'What did I wear today?'

Jacket - last years Op shop find.
Grey knit tunic top - from out local clothing store
Denim 3/4 pants - perfect for tucking into boots ( a lot less bulk)
My new boots from Duo boots
One of my favourite scarves....a much treasured gift from a dear friend.

I also want to shout out a huge thanks to these girls.... for so often inspiring me...
Lisa Leonard (Lisa also creates the most gorgeous handmade jewelery)
Lindsey from the pleated poppy blog
Lilli from Frocks and Frou Frou blog
and of course my beautiful friend Janelle The Janelle Wind Collection .... who always looks a million dollars!

Of course.....Id absolutely LOVE to hear what you wore on Wednesday too
.....so please feel free to join in and share.


  1. I love this post, im in the older age group too and quite often look at young models and think oh I cant wear that its too young for me, its nice to see some options worn by women my own age.
    I love this whole look you look amazing.

  2. Your are the one who looks a million dollars, seriously!! I was so excited to see your post, and I can't wait to see what else you have to share too xx Janelle

  3. Mardi, you look great and good on you for taking this step to share. I love what you are wearing and you put together a lovely combination of clothes. I can't wait to see what you are wearing next week.

  4. Anonymous10:59 am

    you look cute as ever :) love your jacket and boots ...OMG i am so in love with boots LOL
    have a great week sweets mwah xx

  5. Oh Mardi you look beautiful! So Mardi. I really love your jacket. Seriously - an op shop find?! You do so well at your op shops! And PLEASE keep these up - I'd love to see what you wear!

    As for me, well I had Jazzercise this morning so it's boring gym gear!

  6. Anonymous11:06 am

    Go girl! You look hot!!! LOVE the red jacket...you're definitely one trendy Nan!

    Ummm... and what am i wearing today? 4 year old faded jeans, a $10 JayJays shirt and my trusty ugg boots, which have barely left my feet all week...not very glamorous :)

  7. Kellie11:12 am

    Love it, and you don't look old enough to be a nan. Great idea abouth the 3/4 jeans. I am going to try it as I am not exactly stick thin and fitting my legs into my boots is hard enough, let alone full length jeans as well. Can't wait until next week.

  8. You look fantastic Mardi...I love the jacket too. It is amazing some of the great bargains you can pick up at op shops. I scored a pair of DC jeans for $10 when we were away camping one weekend. I have to say I was one happy camper lol and I wear them all the time. Again you look fantastic.

  9. look at you, you spunky woman!!you look amazing- and I was admiring that scarf for awhile before I realized it was familiar LOL!!!
    btw- Im way curvier than you and my my uniform these days are skirt/leggings/ layered tops and boots. sooo comfy and being short i dont have to worry about jeans getting all wet and dirty around the cuffs!
    I can see Im going to enjoy these posts :)!!

  10. ps- Im generally 3/4 op shopped- thats what happens when Im in and out of opshops sorcing spoons so often.

  11. what a great post and you look fantastic in that outfit. Love that red jacket - what a great op shop find - lucky you.

  12. I think you look just lovely! As I am sitting here typing thinking how daggy I look in my tracky dacks and polar fleece jumper lol! Looking forward to next weeks out fit!

  13. You look amazing and drop dead gorgeous....love ya....xxx

  14. Mardi, you look absolutely gorgeous, that coral colour of your jacket suits you so beautifully! Love all your op-shop finds too!

  15. Go girl!, I have only started putting my face on show, I have just started a blog about family,scrapbooking,home, just like yours,{I can dream!} I love your blog as is! I read Janelle's blog also, and found it a bit dissapointing, when she blogs about clothes she finds,I just skip over those bits,if you enjoy it great! but Janelle is stick thin and would look great in anything. Im sorry if I sound nasty {Im your shape also!} stick to what you are comfortable with.

  16. Mardi...I hate photo's of myself too and prefer to be behind the camera but I remember one day you told me that "you are how you are on that day and that is ok"....I have never forgotten that advice...xxx

  17. you look so lovely in red!

  18. Mardi, you look absolutely gorgeous... red is definitely your color... I love it all :))

    Jenny x

  19. Hey Mardi, i LOVE the colour of your jacket......it really suits you.
    It is a terrific outfit and it screams Mardi to mexxxx
    What a great idea for blog posts.....today i wore all black to work...now im in gym clothes:)

  20. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Hi Mardi, just visiting after reading Janelle's post. I love this whole concept and you look great!!!!!!!!!!!! I need that scarfe and I love the jacket over dark colours. Brave, bold, fabulous!! Well done you. And you are a nan? What? NO way!
    Kate M xo

  21. You look fantastic Mardi. Love your jacket and boots.

  22. I have been reading 'what i wore wednesday' posts on the other blogs for a while & often find inspiration too! But i'm not as brave as you to join in........you are one very funky nan!! Can't wait til next wednesday's post Mardi.

  23. Mardi you look BEAUTIFUL!!! You seriously must have the best op shops near you!!!! Love those boots and that colour jacket looks devine on you :))xx

  24. Well look at you you gorgeous thing!! I absolutely love your outfit Mardi. Such a great red jacket and those boots!!!

    Sheree xx

  25. Nan Sman!!! you are one gorgeous looking lady & btw....LOVE LOVE LOVE that op shop jacket - very envious :0) good on you for showing your stuff.

  26. I totally love what you wore on Wednesday!! Love that red jacket and those great boots!! I am never game enough.....but you look great Mardi!!

  27. I think you look sensational and very funky!! Looking forward to every Wednesday!!

  28. You look great Mardi! I love Duo boots also, and just had an ah-a moment with the 3/4 jeans, what a brilliant idea. I have oodles of them & never gave them a thought with boots. Thanks :-)

  29. Oh, thankyou for including me as an inspiration! You look wonderful.

  30. Joadi8:16 pm

    I think it's so lovely that you're willing to share what you wear. We all have different tastes and preferences but it's nice to see how someone else puts things together. It might encourage other women to experiment with their look. If you're happy in your skin, you'll good whatever you're in.