What I wore Wednesday...

29 June 2011

Guess who is here with me this week?

eeeekk....yep....its true....

its my dear friend Janelle..

I feel so lucky to have Janelle all to myself this week as she travels through to teach in Adelaide this weekend.
We have been having a wonderful time...with so many plans...typically it feels like the clock has gone into overdrive....and as the days fly by we are trying to cram everything in....
and make the most of every hour we have together.

So as we are together this week....
it was the perfect opportunity to share in a WIWW post....

So what was I wearing today?

Jeans - Jeans West curve embracers
White singlet top
Just jeans sheer top - Op shop find
Bolero cardigan - Op shop find
Shoes - target platforms - a recent purchase

I have to mention.....
Janelle was good luck for me at the Op shop today.....I cant wait to share what I found in some upcoming WIWW posts...


  1. How lovely that you two good buddies got to share some special time together, looking good girls!

  2. Thrift shopping (or other) with a good friend is always lots of fun, another really sweet outfit, think I need to come browse your op shops hehe nothing that pretty up here. Well not that I find anyways :)

  3. Just Gorgeous girls! Love the bolero cardis.

  4. Oh look at you too gorgeous girls. So nice to see you together. :)

  5. You both look gorgeous :-)
    I think I am in love with your Target shoes, If they are the ones I think they are I have tried 3 different Target shops to try and get a pair.
    Curves enhancers made me laugh.
    Thanks for sharing Mardi.

  6. Awww...just look at the two of you together! Gorgeous!!! It's so wonderful that you've been able to spend some time together!!

    Sheree xx

  7. ohhh lovely outfits, sweet friends and gorgeous smiles. special times..