Happy Birthday Mardi....

3 July 2011

Its been a wonderful week... that's for certain.
One of those really special weeks.... that has etched its own little place in my memory.

I've found it hard to know what to blog about since Janelle left....
I was back to work......the house was quiet.....and everything seemed a little less shiny.

But then....
My birthday arrived.....
and I was spoilt rotten.....seriously!!

I worked a day shift on my birthday......which meant I left home at 6.30am...
but not before Ian gave me his gift....
a wonderful new oven proof high sided baccarat frypan.....eeeeek...how exciting!!
(Its hilarious...... I've never been one to cook......but since Mothers Day and my Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal book arrived..... I've loved it.....and a whole new world has opened up to me....and in that new world...it became pretty obvious I was missing this particular frypan...hehe)
He also spoilt me with a gift voucher from our gorgeous local gift store.

Then to arrive home from work to the smell of baking....
All of the kids were here...
Bella was SO excited....and immediately lead me to my pile of gifts.....
and then around to the oven to show me the dinner baking away.
Briony..Alex and Meg had cooked up a storm......it was a joint effort.....we had a delicious tuna mornay and a lasagna.....followed my a Mississippi mudcake (Yvettes recipe...which is wickedly delicious) 
and some scrumptious white chocolate and raspberry muffins.

The house was clean....a total transformation to the house Id left in the morning....and this alone would have been a  gift enough.

But then I was spoilt SO much....check out my gorgeousness below...

The most beautiful print for my wall......which Id fell in love with earlier in the week.
The sweetest little desk clock and frame.
A new Jamie cookbook.....YAY!!
and beautiful flowers and 'life is good' from Megs family (how sweet of them....and so unexpected)

Then................ earlier in the week...Janelle surprised me with this beautiful collection....
an iphone pouch... in the most adorable fabrics...
and two necklaces...which I LOVE..
and the sweetest little journal and pen from typo...

What an amazing week....
what an amazing birthday...
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Thanks so much for all the lovely emails....wishes...and fb messages.....there is nothing nicer than some extra loving on your birthday hey.

I hope whatever you are doing you are having a wonderful weekend..
Mardi xx


  1. What a beautiful birthday - just what you deserve. And gorgeous gifts to boot. xoxoxo

  2. Happy birthday mardi!! what a lovely spoilin' you got!! LOVE that wall hanging too... :) xx

  3. Happy Birthday Mardi!! What wonderful gifts - you certainly were spoilt. x

  4. Happy birthday! You did get spoilt with such lovely girts and a yummy dinner :) Looking forward to hearing about the recipes you cook from your new book!

  5. LorraineV2:00 pm

    Happy birthday Mardi...

  6. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Happy birthday Mardi! So glad you were spoilt.

    Love that owl necklace :)

  7. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Happy birthday Mardi! So glad you were spoilt.

    Love that owl necklace :)

  8. Happy Birthday Mardi, what a fantastic Birthday all round. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy.

  9. Happy Birthday Mardi!!

  10. Oh Happy Birthday!

    I am glad you were spoilt - you deserve it and your gifts are all so gorgeous.

  11. I am so so glad you had a wonderful birthday with your beautiful family Mardi. I was thrilled to be here so close to your special day. I love all the gifts you were given too. Belated Happy Birthday from me xxxxx Janelle