a post for family....

11 July 2011

Living distant from family (and close friends) is tough at times...
There are often little milestones and moments that I wish we could share....and even when we record them in our memories to talk about later......they lose their special'ness.

Ian has occasionally taken some movie....but until now....I had never actually done anything with it.

While Emily was visiting.....
she offered to teach me how to make some up-loadable movies so I could share some moments with family.

There is no doubt that Emily has a real talent for movie making....and she was the most patient teacher....as I repeatedly asked questions....and fumbled my way.

So now....at last.....I can upload the occasional one to share with family and friends.
Starting with this little one....
I can ride a bike from mardi winen on Vimeo.

Thankyou SO very much Emily for sharing some of your knowledge with me xx
(Thanks to you too Jasper for all of your help....and for sharing and inspiring with me some of the awesome movies you have made too xx)


  1. It was such a thrill to watch you and Emily making movies together. I know how much Emily enjoyed showing you all the tips and tricks too. Most of all we will love watching movies of the girls and your gorgeous family - this one brought a tear to my eye. Please give Bella a cuddle from us all xx Janelle

  2. Jennifer9:24 am

    Very impressive, I think Emily should come to my house to so I could work it all out! Lots of great memories to share, Bella is so very clever!