Thrifty Thursday...

7 July 2011

Let it be said early in this post......
That Janelle Wind is either a bad influence (the nicest kind of course...hehe)......
or an amazing good luck charm!!!

As you would know from reading my last posts....
I've had a lovely time with Janelle visiting....and we have taken the  opportunity to frequent the local Op shops (more than

Janelle has recently been blogging a Thrifty Thursday post.... so I thought it would be fun to join in and share my huge pile of finds from this week....

This will seem ridiculous..... but I had the luckiest time ever!!!
I almost doubled my wardrobe....and all for the price of $90.00...
which when you think about less than the cost of a good pair of jeans.

Here it is all stacked up....
(Check out those leather boots.....gosh....what a find...
thanks to Emily who spotted them and drew my attention in their direction)

Then a little more detail....

...and the rest.
So as you can see I was extremely fortunate to find such a gorgeous pile of new clothes....
and I will be sharing more of them in my WIWW posts in the future.
Mardi x


  1. hehe, I loved being a bad influence and had the BEST time Op shopping with you. I LOVE everything we found and wish more than anything that we could op shop together regularly. I am so so thrilled you are happy with all we found and that your wardrobe could grow too. Thank YOU for the best time ever xxxx

  2. What great finds Mardi. I love Op shopping too. I love finding linen items, because even if they're not my size, I can use the fabric for my projects. I love old wool jumpers too because these can be felted for projects also. I have even bought items just for the beautiful buttons!

  3. Anonymous1:05 pm

    i love op shop cardigans...i'm on my way to collecting one in every colour :)

    Gorgeous finds Mardi xx

  4. Just love your thrifty thursdays and you have done so well this week! Especially love your boots.
    It also reminds me to check out my local mules and vintage sheets for me this week! lol!

  5. Well done with your Op shopping. You got some great items.

  6. looks like you had a good shopping time .. always feels good doesn't it ?? hope you are well and big hugz
    I have begun a new blog where I am sharing my textile work and mixed media works .. I am still having my MAIN BLOG but the extra one is just for playing ..LOL!!! there is a link on my blog if you feel like popping over there ..xoxo

  7. Fantastic finds Mardi! LOVE that skirt that Janelle made you, it is so you!

  8. Anonymous10:51 am

    omg LUCKY YOU! you scored so well yah .. cant wait for wednesday :) have you seen my lamps that i fixed up ?? i am soo happy with them ... I am totally hooked on op shopping and revamping it is so much fun, nice to have a break from scrapping and get stuck into something different xx

  9. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Love love love everything youve totally inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and go looking - I yesterday -absolutely thanks to you - and LOVE what I found - You rock
    I now have another obsession. Cant thank you enough Tamar xx