Thrifty Thursday...

28 July 2011

Its that time of the week again.....
....another chance to join in with  Janelle's thrifty Thursday posts....
As you know we have been away travelling around....and most of the time was spent in more remote areas....
but I still managed to squeeze in a few Op shop visits.

Ian was patient.....and allowed me to pop into a few as we came across them on our travels....
even though he doesn't share my enthusiasm.

So my finds this week are mainly linens...
picked up from stores in Broken Hill and Emerald.

and this dress from Rockhampton...
a little on the large side.....but I'm sure it can be taken in and will be lovely and cool in summer.

...and this one from Valley girl which suits Briony beautifully...

and this old dress.....which reminded me of Janelles green vintage dress.
Although this one isn't as stylish.....and I wouldn't wear it...
I do love the fabric....and can see it cut up into a gorgeous skirt for summer.
Oh....and it buttons up the front with cute little self covered buttons....

I hope you found some lovely treasures this week too.


  1. YAY!!! I am so glad you were able to do a little Op Shopping while you were away. I LOVE all that you found, esp the bottom sheet in the top photo - LOVE! I love everything actually, well done my friend xx

  2. I love Thrifty Thursday and I am going to do a version (for my 3 readers ;-) I think.
    I love the green dress and it really reminds me of dresses my Mum use to wear. We called them her Happy dresses :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I also love to visit for both your WIWW and Thrifty Thursdays and you have done so well too...loving the fabric in both the dresses and can't wait to see what you do with the green dress.
    I have shared my thrifty finds on my blog today, I am pretty pleased as I found a skirt I just love.

  4. Wow, even in the outback you had some great finds!!

  5. Ooh, those sheets are GORGEOUS! Your recount of your tip is amazing! Those sawn rocks look unbelievable - wow!

  6. You've come home with so many wonderful finds Mardi! Love those gorgeous sheets and linens!!

    Sheree xx

  7. mardi the other day i was waiting at an appointment and i decided to pass the time by checking my fave blogs on my phone. i searched lovesupreme-instead of mardiwinen...i know! and up came a pizza place in paddington called love supreme. not quite what i was after but looks delicious.

    ps love your linen!

  8. looks like blogger ate my comment from the other day.......I was saying that I may have to stop reading your blog- i am sooooo green with envy at the things you find in oppies- in Melbourne sadly its getting alot harder to find the cream! j
    ps only kidding about not reading your blog- I couldnt get by without my love supreme fix LOL

  9. I am loving the WIWW and Thrifty Thursday posts :) I was even inspired to pop into an op-shop and then do my own Thrifty Thursday post!