What I wore Wednesday....

27 July 2011

Are you sick of these posts yet? lol
anyway......what did I wear......

Jeans - $5.00 Op shop 
Grey Jump shirt - Op shop
Orange cardi - this season Target
Wedge shoes - Target
Green necklace - a beautiful birthday gift from Janelle

As you may have read in my last post....I have been away...so I feel totally out of the WIWW loop... I'm looking forward to seeing what Janelle and Yvette have been sharing while I've been away.
Mardi x


  1. I love that orange cardigan, I have one very similar i got from an op shop.
    Please dont stop doing these WIWW posts I love seeing them!

  2. Yep, I LOVE the orange cardi too!! I love WIWW , it inspires me to dress up a bit more , regardless of my duties!!

  3. I nearly bought that Cardi when Target had them on sale! But I decided to just get one cardi - a blue one with frills instead. I love the orange cardi with the dark jeans and green necklace. Excellent combo!

  4. LOVE your orange cardi!! i have a green one just the same ;0) you can see here...i've been brave!!

  5. great bargains and you look awesome Mardi .. take care sweetness .. hugz x

  6. No not sick of it yet Mardi! Love the striking orange cardi with the green necklace...you look gorgeous as always :))xx

  7. I could never get sick of your WIWW posts, I love seeing your combos and what you wear. LOVE your orange cardi, it is gorgeous.

  8. Anonymous6:56 pm

    You look so slim in this outfit, Mardi.

  9. ope not sick of them! I love orange, just can't wear it...that said, I DO have an orange handbag, that I got for about $10 on ebay!

  10. Anonymous10:04 am

    love those colours together Mardi :):) Gorgeous!

  11. You inspired me Mardi, ive started doing this too.

  12. Oooh I love that orange cardi on you Mardi! It looks fabulous with that beautiful green necklace too! Love this whole outfit!

    Sheree xx

  13. I love that shirt!!! And the orange cardi is a great colour.

    I love your posts. Please don't stop.
    K xx

  14. I honestly really love the green and white dress.
    Perhaps you could shorten it? Wear it with a belt?
    Twould be awfully hipster...