What I wore Wednesday....

20 July 2011

Its 'What I wore' Wednesday time again.....
and today I can share some more of the gorgeous clothes mentioned in this post.

Target white shirt -Op shop
Dark Denim 3/4 pants - Crossroads last season
Denim Vest - Just Jeans last season
Duo boots
Owl necklace - birthday gift from Janelle.

Please don't be shy...Janelle and I would love it if you joined in.....pleeeease....with sugar on top??

Mardi xx


  1. Very cool cowgirl inspired outfit!! I'm so stoked you go those boots - they are just gorgeous and so wearable with pretty much everything! I have two pairs of boots and pretty much living in them in winter. They're so warm too!

  2. love your vest and yes agree with Yvette, your boots are gorgeous.I, too live in my 2 pairs of black boots. Think I need to find some brown ones like yours.

  3. You look fabulous in that outfit Mardi..and yep...love those boots!!

    Sheree xx

  4. Anonymous5:10 pm

    gorgeous Mardi! Love the vest + boots together...just scored some second hand brown boots myself...all lovely and worn in:)

  5. Mardi. I've been a lurker for awhile, and loving seeing your what you wore posts - I am on the curvy side and am not stick thin so enjoy getting ideas from you! and LOVE your boots, have been eying off the Duo site since seeing yours...some advice please? when ordering your calf width, did you order your exact measurement or go up a size to allow for room for jeans etc? Hoping you can help!

  6. i like this little outfit a lot! Especially the vest, very cute Mardi. I love the pics of Briony above too. She looks great in a hat. I wish I had a hat head. Happy weekend!

  7. You look stunning my friend. I am still so super excited about all of the Op shop goodies we found together too. xx Janelle