Thrifty Thursday...

14 July 2011

Do you believe at first sight?
Well that's how I felt when I laid eyes upon this poof.
(unsure of the correct it pouffe....poofe...poufe...?)
or I could avoid all mis-spellings and call it a stuffed foot was while Janelle was visiting....
on the last afternoon....
we  had ducked down the street to grab something from the supermarket....
and couldn't resist a last look inside...
Janelle spotted it first...
and I think her sharp inhaling of breath caught my attention....
then I saw it...
and loved it!!
There were two.....and we could have had one each......but Janelle had no room....
and because I had no cash in my purse.....and we didn't want it to disappear....
Janelle snapped it up for me.
I went back to get its mate the next day for Alex....but it had gone....sob

Isn't it cute as Bro?
So totally matches my home and colours......its the perfect poof.


  1. I love it! It's also my favourite colour.
    PS I haven't heard it called a poof since I was a little girl ... and we had some orange and brown vinyl ones ;-)

  2. I'm glad that other people get excited about finding these - I was lucky enough to pick up a biege coloured one on the weekend from a kerbside clean-up.

  3. Wasn't it such fun to sneak into just one more Op shop and find this piece of deliciousness. I am still laughing at Michael's face when you told him we had to fit it in the car with us for the trip home. I am thrilled we found this together for your home and hope another perfect one pops up for Alex too xx Janelle

  4. My Nan use to have some of these poofs. I use to sit on it all the time.

  5. WOW, 'tis very cute!! You must have one hell of a great S/H shop in your area!!! must come that way one day!!

  6. That is seriously cute, I remember my grandma had an orange pouffe (however it's spelt lol)

  7. What a great find Mardi!! Such a shame you missed out on the second one but at least you've got one to enjoy!

    Sheree xx