Thrifty Thursday...

11 August 2011

Just a quick little share this week... as I join in with Janelle for Thrifty Thursday.

Its the story of my bedside table which is home to.....
an Op shop lamp...
trimmed with vintage Op shop trim....
with a garage sale frame and original painting....
and a cream pedestal Op shop bowl.

Who would have guessed....

I did have some lucky clothing finds this week too....
I'm looking forward to sharing them next week.
How did you go?......any gorgeous treasures this week?


  1. Anonymous9:10 am

    Mardi Mardi Mardi I need your clever advise ;) i have just posted about my styling of our very unfinished house and would love your input .. I think i have answered my question about my style but would love some peeps thoughts
    Ps i love that lamp NOICE !!! I wanna come to WA and shop in your op shops ..

  2. Can I also come to your OP shops and the ones here are hugly overpriced. Even the furniture is hugely overpriced! You are inspiring me to go in and look .... just no success yet :o(

  3. What a beautiful little display Mardi! Always love seeing your fabulous finds!

    Sheree xx


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