What I wore Wednesday...

10 August 2011

Its Wednesday....which means.....time to share another outfit.
This week the weather has warmed up.....or should I say...HAD warmed up...
It means I could break out my lily white skin....
and give my boots a hard earned rest.

(Brent always jokes that Im built like a shetland pony....and after seeing these shots I can see why...
those legs were definitely built for pulling heavy loads...
so be kind...please..)

Dress - wardrobe item
Yellow Cardi - Temt (a gift from a special friend)
Shoes - Target
Scarf - our local store

I would love you to join in if you get  a chance this week.... I've once again added the link widget...
I'm not sure if it was working last week....hopefully Ive ironed out the glitches this week....


  1. very cute indeed!! & i love your hair pulled back too, looks good!
    YAY for the warm weather :)

  2. Such a sweet outfit, the yellow cardy is so cute!!

  3. Anonymous3:44 pm

    yah for you getting warm weather today Brr OMG it is freezing here today, I hear this comment all of the time Cute things come in pretty packaging Sigh !! so guess what I think you look super cute ;) don't you just always wish you could reach the top of your pantry without having to get a step to help you LOL i sure do ! have a great day xx

  4. Great outfit and your legs are fine. I am the opposite and have white skinny legs, when I wear a skirt my DH will ask what the two cotton threads are hanging beneath my skirt... sigh men!

    Decided to join in with your meme this week - post is here (minus my head... I don't do face portraits to well ;)

  5. Love what you are wearing! I desperately want a yellow cardigan... :( I really enjoy checking on what you, Janelle and Lisa Leonard wear each Wednesday. It makes me think about putting different items I have in my own wardrobe together - thank you!

  6. you look gorgeous as always _love the frock! we are shivering in a very cold 10 degrees with lots of rain here today-so it was big wooly jumper and boots for me LOL

  7. Oh you look so gorgeous Mardi! I LOVE that yellow cardi on you too, just yummy. I think you legs looks great too. xx Janelle

  8. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Love the colour combo on you - and umm hello ? ur legs are awesome!

    Tamar x

  9. You look beautiful Mardi :))

    Jenny x

  10. Oh yellow and grey! I love them together! You look gorgeous! And I'm jealous cos I look sick in yellow (as in "ill" not as in "like totally awesome").

  11. LOL just had to comment on Yvette's comment. How funny - fully sick LOL x

  12. Oooh I love your yellow cardi! So cute!

    Sheree xx