What I wore Wednesday....

3 August 2011

Its Wednesday......and that means its WIWW time again.

I was worried that maybe everyone would be tired of seeing these posts by now...but it seems not just yet.

Thank you SO much to everyone who is joining in with Janelle and I ......I think we have inspired one or two more each week....and I have LOVED seeing what you have been wearing too.

I had a thought....after seeing it on other blogs....that perhaps I could add a linky tool....
that way it makes it lovely and easy to check out everyone who is posting a WIWW....and all the inspiration is in one spot.

Anyway.....this is my share for the week...

Jeans West dress - thanks to Janelle...who thought of me and bought it at an Op shop in her area.
Leggings - Target 
Duo Boots....yep...its those boots AGAIN...lol
Denim vest - Just Jeans last season
Beads - Diva

I just noticed another gorgeous Yvette outfit too....


  1. ohhh- you look awesome- I bought a denim vest a couple of months ago too, and where it all the time....nothing better than boots, leggings a nice frock and a vest I say- might join in one day if I get over the shyness LOL

  2. hmmm- that was meant to be wear- might have to be a 2 coffee start to the day LOL

  3. I love that dress,and the beads are really cool. Your boots are really cool and I say if you get something you love then wear it till it fulls apart :)

  4. Oh i love your wednesday posts mardi! in trackies here at the moment... don't think i'll link up today! LOL oh, I'd wear those boots every day in winter, esp if i wore them as well as you!! have a fab day... xx

  5. I LOVE this outfit on your Mardi, you look absolutely gorgeous. Loving your hair too - this is just fun, almost like living near each other. I agree about your boots too, I wear mine all the time as well. Gorgeous outfit xx Janelle

  6. Another lovely outfit Mardi, Your dress and beads go together beautifully!
    You and Janelle are my new Trinny and Suzanne...lol, I have picked out quite a few style tips from you guys for my own wardrobe! Just need to get out of my awful painting clothes to try them out! lol!

  7. Wow, the dress!! I love it! Especially with the beads - perfect together. So lovely of Janelle to buy it for you!

  8. Love your dress, keep up the wednesday posts they are great.

  9. LOVE this outfit!! & those beads are super cute & finish your outfit off perfectly :0)

  10. That dress looks so cute with the vest over the top Mardi! LOVE this outfit on you!

    Sheree xx